In Memoriam: The Horrifying Little Snowman

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Rest In Peace
H. L. Snowman
(26.02.2020 - 02.03.2020)

You came into our lives on a bright snowy morning as a truly horrifying blessing from between our neighbor kid's hands. It had been snowing since dawn and continued to snow until the peak of night. You stood there, a midget with a big round nose and furious red eyes, in a T-pose staring at the windows of our house.

On day one we got to experience your birth and your first reveal of emotion. You seemed rather confused, a tad grumpy even. The next day it was as if you had a hangover - the grumpyness had taken control. We were concerned about our own safe being due to your aggressive appearance. Alas, a new Sun rose and the anger was replaced by worry and the loss of your mouth. A shame it was, as without a mouth you couldn't tell us what kept you blue.

Then came the warmth - emotionless, destructive, cruel. It took one of your eyes and pulled on your arms. One ceased to exist, the other stretched out. One of us tried to help you, fix your arms but they kept slipping away back to their previous state. That's when we knew you were doomed.

The warmth wouldn't stop there, it was thirsty for more. POP! went the other eye. And before we knew it, it decapitated you. So there you stood with your head on a snowy cold stump, your eyes popped out and left to lay around nearby, your now only long arm touching the ground. The only thing left to do was for you to decay. And so you did.

.gif by Yours Truly

Could it all be some kind of a metaphor for the events currently taking place on STEEM? Was the terrifying litte snowman our ''new bought-in savior'' and his slow and miserable end a result of clueless self-sabotage? Will he stop to think, educate himself, resurrect and bloom as an equal spring flower in our huge patch of flowers? Only time can answer that.

This morning we hit 10 ''hax0rz'' back in the TOP 20. We've proven the fact that EVERY VOTE COUNTS and could in the future be a very good example of it. We are one strong-ass community!

If you want our funds to be SAFU, TOSS A VOTE TO YOUR WITNESS now and Steem on!

The rewards of this posts shall be 100% powered up for the sakes of our witness votes strength.


Farewell Snowman, king of snowfigures!
You body will decay,
but your spirit lingers on!


I feel your pain:


Looks like it turned into a swan without a beak and a face. o.O

I'm considering sending the head flying with a nice roundhouce kick that would make Mr. Norris proud