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After reading a post from @ackza and @citimillz, I thought that I can try Challenge Dapp. So that I downloaded the app from google playstore. Then I created a account there.
CHL is the native currency of Challenge Dapp and listed on newdex and steem-engine.

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1000 CHLP sent to your @steem-engine wallet.

Thanks for participating! @ehb545


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w007 nic eman thanks now ist starting to pick up

Im getting some more CHLP soon just need to get the gateway working to convert CHl to CHLP heres some now

for now we can just use tipit CHL on telegram and discord

I just sent you 50,000 more CHL

Never be afraid to give away CHL if u need, i can always get you back more, just keep that 100k i gave ya , for urself, and just pretend like u dont have it :D and ask for mroe if u run out ima get some more soon, we use so little we can get a lot more, we are doing badly needed distribution work, and it wont hurt teh value of the token because combined everything we give out can be bought up right now cheap for 5 or 10 eos but soon, it will be a lot harder to give away all this chl, so we should just distribute now while its cheap, like weve been doing

great job lets just make some videos for youtube and penetrate that youtuber world soon.

Oh lets not forget about telosafrica newdexafrica and the other projects @phonedata @cryptonaira @cryptocedi

Copy that brother!

Upvoted and resteemed thanks for trying out the app! we need to tell everyone who does it they can get another 41 upvote for referring friend and making ANOTHER post showing how they got their friend signed up :D