Draining all my bandwidth on Whaleshares posting twice a day

in #whaleshares2 years ago (edited)

I noticed I was unable to edit my posts awhile back, but this time around when that occurred I went into my wallet and see my bandwidth is at 1%

I do two posts a day on Whaleshares usually, no comments or reposts so im pretty shocked 1000 WLS powered up is not enough for casual posting. I even tried powering up 100 WLS but did not change the bandwidth at all.

So now I have to wait for my bandwidth to recharge to fix something I missed when I posted. Pretty lame, at least with Steem you can edit your posts without affecting your resource credits as far as I can tell.


People still use whaleshares? I barely know that platform exists, after their coin got dumped. Good luck to them though!


Yeah people are on there, but its not anywhere as busy as Steem. I just cross post my content there. Besides Publish0x, Mithril and Steem its the only other platform you can actually cash out tokens you earn. Weku has no buys on the market order books, and Bearshares is not listed on any exchanges. So yeah.. Whaleshares is better than some others which the mentioned issues. Though it would seem all my tokens I have earned blogging on Whaleshares must stay powered up or my posting experience will suffer.

The hardfork they are about to do looks really shitty too!
@lordbutterfly also just did a good writeup on whaleshares.

What do they want to do?


How so, please do enlighten me.

@joshman oh thanks for the heads up, I checked out his post. Appreicated.

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