We-Write #12: October Partner Week + Last Week's Winners Announced!

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@Zeldacroft here!
Welcome to our second round of Partner We-Writes! Last week we had a record number of people enter the regular contest. Let's try to keep that momentum going! 😄

Last Week's Winners

Many thanks to all of last week's writers, @iamraincrystal, @justclickindiva, @owasco, @sarez, @aduragbemi, @felixgarciap, @phil-glaz, @mgaft1, @free-reign, @vida-blanca, @darthgexe. Congrats on the four Curies last week! You can find this week's prompt further down, but first let's spin the wheels!
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Congratulations @darthgexe and @aduragbemi!!! Your SBI will be sent shortly!

The Prize: 5 SBI per Winner, Sponsored by @ntowl and @owasco

100% Upvotes from the FreeWrite House for All Entries


What is a Partner We-Write?

In this contest, you need to:

  • Find a partner
  • Write a story
  • Share it with us!
  1. To find a partner, you can check out and post in the comments of this post. You can also join the @freewritehouse discord, or reach out to another writer on steemit.
  2. There's a lot of flexibility on what your story can be. So long as you include the prompt word, you can write what you want! The easiest option is to mimic the normal we-write: one partner does the beginning, the other the ending. You could even write two stories, swapping who does what, although it wouldn't increase your chances of winning.
    If you feel inspired to collaborate more on storyline and actual prose that's great as well.
  3. Share a link to your post(s) in the comments below. You could do your separate parts in your own posts, or include the other's writing by quoting it. (This can be done by adding the symbol '>' before the first line of text in each paragraph.)
    I'll do my best to keep a running list of partners/people who need partners in this post, but let me know if I've missed you!

To be eligible to win you must comment on this post with a link to your entry.

Please tag me, @zeldacroft, and @freewritehouse in the beginning of your posts, and add a link back to the contest.


How Do You Win?

The winning partner team will be chosen randomly from the entries. The deadline for entering is Sunday night at 9:00pm EDT, aka the same timezone as Boston, USA.

The announcement will be made the following day in the post for the next week's prompt! If you're the winning team, you'll each receive five SBI, courtesy of @ntowl and @owasco, who will send you your SBI then. 😊


This Week's Prompt

The prompt word is: Phantom

As always, any resteems and upvotes will be eternally appreciated (but aren't necessary for the contest or anything). Let's spread the word and get writing!


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Partner teams:
@iamraincrystal and @justclickindiva -entered
@owasco and @carolkean -entered
@mgaft1 and @phil-glaz -entered
@sarez and @aduragbemi


Hey @mgaft. I've written a first part that I think might be good for you! It has SO MANY CLUES! I'd love to see what you do with it.. Anyone else too - first come first served my story for "phantom".

Sorry, sweetheart,

Unfortunately, I looked at this page only after I already posted my entry with @phil-glaz and am not sure I have the right to do the second one with someone else. But I'll be curious to read what you wrote.

Thank you!

@carolkean has already finished it for me. I suppose you could take a crack at it if you want - I'm not clear on how wewrites work.

Ah. ow well. I started a little, but if she already wrote the continuation, then maybe next time.

Truly, a stranger’s soul is full of vague void for the fact of Edgar’s blurting out the word "Phantom!" was the phenomenon “without warning or apparent cause” only for Elsie’s house guests. The truth was that their opinion was as indifferent to Edgar as bouquets sunflowers tossed in a corner of the mudroom. There were, of course, people who could have deduced the cause of Edgar’s outbursts, but Edgar behaved decently in their presence so they had no material for the deduction.

People capable of this deduction weren’t police investigators or private eyes, for what caused Edgar’s outpourings weren’t anything that happened in the “real world.”

Once in his early years, even before he married Elsie, Edgar was at an unusual concert of two autistic and mute children who could only communicate through music. They sat on both sides of the grand piano and talk to each other on the language of a music, continuing each other’s sound figures, changing each other’s melodies, clearly competing in the sound assertion and laughing at the same time.

Thank you so much for continuing this! Haha the idea that Edgar knew who could figure him out so he behaved around those people is a good one. He was a rascal.

I didn't continue it since you've already had a continuation. He wasn't a rascal per se, he was just afraid to be exposed because, in his mind, the way how he wrote music was cheating.

I'd like to try my hand at this. Anyone want to write with me? I'm going to start a piece and hope one of y'all continues it. @wwwiebe? @janton? @free-reign? PHC double stuffs.

If @wwwiebe or @janton or @free-reign? already said yes, so be it.
I'll give them (what, one more day?) before jumping at this one.
Where is the first half... not posted? (Is that how it works?)

No dear they have not, so it's all yourn. Can't wait to see what you do with this wacky thing. lol

I regret that it wasn't until I'd posted it that I thought of a solution to the sunflowers:
Now that would have kept the tone humorous.

HAHAHAHA! Of course! Goats! That has something to do with why she hates sunflowers, goats traumatized her in her childhood by eating the sunflowers that had sprung up around some beloved pet's grave. Or one of her favorite goats was served to her on a plate with a sunflower border. Or she stepped in goat dung, fell into a stand of sunflowers while the goat gave her one of his quizzical (but not grumpy) looks which she interpreted as derision.
Thank you so much for writing with me!

Thank you for inviting me!
Actually, I was thinking she would be happy to see the goats get into the sunflowers and munch every petal, because "Elsie hated sunflowers." Who could hate goats? :)
Maybe we can revise, polish and post it again under another title...?
Or I can revise what I already posted.
Or just leave it alone....

But I love your ideas - especially PTSD after stepping in goat dung!
It reminds me of visiting my sister in Germany when our kids were little. Her youngest stepped in dog doo in the street and started crying. The middle sister showed no sympathy and said not to make such a big deal out of it. The mom (my own sister) vehemently chastised the middle sister for her lack of compassion. Me, I was on the middle sister's side. So ya step in dog poop. First World Problem. So what! You find something to wipe it off with and you keep walking. Crying about it, and having your mother enable you for it, meh, it's a miracle I managed to keep my opinions to myself that night.

I see a middle child who was easy to push around because they tend not to make big deals out of things, and so are often blamed. I'm on her side too, but for different reasons, I see the family dynamic. Where were you in sibling placement? I'm the oldest of five. Talk about performance anxiety. Wait, were we even talking about performance anxiety? Oh yes, back to me
I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT WRITING WITH YOU., and a little bit nervous about it too.
I'm also checking out now, I have been at this computer for far too long today, so let;s chat in a private box outside a public chat room tomorrow. xo

Oh my goodness YES! I accept! That would be wonderful for me. Let's make it a story.
I'm dm-ing you on discord, so I'm afraid you will have to go there. I finally have some idea of what discord IS and it comes in handy sometimes.
You mean the goat scene as an ending, like a vision once dead herself?

Heading to be now, not Discord, sorry, but if you're revising anyway, take the goats and do with them what you will! I just thought "Elsie hates sunflowers. Goats should eat the sunflowers for her, and tourists will stop bringing them."

I'm #4 of 5 sisters, btw, and I was just thinking I know why the middle child says "It's not fair" all the time. Parents lighten up when they get to the youngest child. They've learned "Pick your battles" and all that. They don't freak out like they used to over spilled milk. The oldest child doesn't seem as upset as the middle child though about NOTHING in life being FAIR. The oldest had Mom and Dad's attention, until the next one came along, but the middle child never gets their undivided attention. Ever. And so, every president has been a first-born child, most CEOs, and so on.... I hope those stats are wrong, but I'm living down to the expectations of a nearly middle #4 of 5

I'm happy i could make it on time. Been busy with many things.

This is our partner up submission; https://steemit.com/wewrite/@aduragbemi/phantom-or-or-part-1-and-2-we-write-short-story-by-sarez-and-aduragbemi

by @sarez and @aduragbemi

A different style in the second part is way more fun than I thought.

Congratulations to the winners. 💕

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Thanks very much for selecting me as a winner in my first we-write post. I'm honored. and hope be deserving of this acknowledgment. And thanks for all you do.

Hi do you want to partner up? You can write the first part and I'll write the last part 😊😊 @justclickindiva

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I'm so sorry I just now saw your post. Had a kitchen meltdown this morning. My refrigerator quit on us. We've been trying to fix it ourselves, but to no avail.

Please accept my apology and I hope I didn't delay you in finding someone else to partner when you didn't hear from me. I was trying to write a freewrite for today, but that got interrupted as well.

Definitely next time, let's do it if you still want to.

Thanks for contacting me and even wanting to partner with me.

@justclickindiva sorry to hear about your kitchen meltdown. I believe we still have time if you'll be able to do a start up post within a day or two. The activity is for a week I believe. ^_^

ok. let's give it a try tomorrow.

I'll wait for your post then @justclickindiva :)

Thanks to everyone- the organizers and my fellow participants.

@owasco, i'm yet to receive the sbi!

It took many hours to show up on my end, but it should be there now. Let me know.

I'm yet to receive it

I have no idea what to do to fix this! Do you?

Nothing to fix. The sbi shares don’t appear in the recipient’s wallet. Each share corresponds to a “share” of an upvote. The shares are held by the folks at @steembasicincome. @aduragbemi you should look at one of their posts to see how it works. I just checked on their discord channel and screenshotted your current status. 92D723C4-4C02-4E33-A9F4-70BA73ED2140.jpeg
You can check yourself by typing !sbi in a comment on any sbi post. You need to post to benefit from the sbis.

Thank you very much @zeldacroft @freewritehouse and to the roulette. Congratulations to @aduragbemi for being the other winner.

But in general congratulations all participants and many thanks to the organizers for this great contest

Here is the link to this week's we-write #12: October Partner Week:
My partner this week is: @iamraincrystal


@iamraincrystal take it away and work your magic!

Thanks for the opportunity.

Got it! Will work on it asap 🙂🙂

Here's mine and @carolkean is going to dazzle us by continuing it!

Congratulations to all the winners! For this partner we-write I've teamed up with @justclickindiva..
Start here: Phantom - Partner First Part
My part here...
Hope you'll enjoy it! ^_^

Anyone for PARTNER?

Let's partner @sarez

 last year (edited)

Thank You! Let me send you the the first piece in a few hours, then you get the wheel.

I will write it as a post and then you can put up the completed story.

here it is : https://steemit.com/wewrite/@sarez/phantom-part-1-a-we-write-short-story

I hope you enjoy writing the end.

I hurried up with the first part as I am late already. Feel free to make any changes you wish, even a second helping of to- and - fro if we have time.
Regards- Sajid

I need a partner please

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