Santa's Kandy Bred By Jonyoudyer, A Weedcash Exclusive(Growing Like A Weed)

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What's up Steem! What a crazy week. With @justinsunsteemit taking @ned's spot, there has been a lot going on. Very interesting times indeed. For those that know me, you would know that I am not a crypto guy, and when it comes to the technical aspects, I don't know shit! What I do know is, I love cannabis, and I love Steem. I am very optimistic, because my goal will stay the same, which is to contribute to growing the cannabis community of the Steem Block Chain. Whether it is Ned, or Justin at the wheel, I will still post, and spread the good word about this wonderful natural medicine.

So it has been 20 day's since I cracked my Santa's Kandy seeds. In my last post I transferred the seedlings into Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil, and boy are they taking off!

All I am using in a broom closet

  • Tap water that has sit for over 24 hours to let the chlorine dissipate
  • Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil
  • Cheap China made LED
  • Fan to circulate air
  • Hanging bug trap to catch unwanted bugs

As you can see they look almost identical, except one is a tad shorter. Santa's Kandy is a cross of a Steem Og male, and Kandy Kush. It is a very rare strain, since only 9 where propagated. Out of those 9 I gave 4 away, and kept 5. Out of my 5 only 2 grew. You wont find this cross on Leafly. You ever wonder why there are so many strain names? Well because there are so many possibility's. All you need is a male and female cannabis plant, and then you can make a new strain. So of course somebody is going to give that new strain a name. Cannabis is a very complex plant. With the many terpenes it produces, the different aromas and tastes this plant produces are endless.

I am very happy with my results. But this is the easy part. All I have to do is keep an eye out for unwanted bugs, and just add water. The biggest mistake anybody can do this early on is over water, or over fertilize. Seedlings rarely need much fertilizer, and this Fox Farm has plenty of the goodness a plant needs. That's it for now, stay tuned, next update should, or at least I hope will be about my new tent and light. I have a cheap China made LED, which is dubbed a "blurple". These style lights have a lot of the blue and red spectrum, but plants need all of the colors in the light spectrum in order to thrive. You will see once I get my new light on what spectrum is good for cannabis. There is so much advancement in LED technology, it is amazing to see! I do have to say that this old style LED I have is working great for these seedlings, but that's as far I would say about this light. I did use these for flower once, and let me say they suck!

Come grow with the Ganja Cowboy!!




Great job bud! Your technique has improved since your previous crops imo. Perhaps there will be some hiccups as you get adjusted to the changes, but ultimately it's going to be a really good thing, and it seems you're already having successes! They seem to be happy with the soil, fan, and light combination at the moment, stems look hearty. A great start! Happy growing.

One thing I myself need to learn more about is light. I just use an old ballast and tubes. I think it has the spectrum I need for the style of growing I do, but it needs to be brighter. I want to write a good post about light, but unlike most other topics I write about, I'm not familiar enough to do a really good job. I think I'll just continue to look into it, and experiment with a few things, as funds allow.

Check out this podcast,

It is a really good one about the new lights emerging on the market.

We are very excited about being introduced to Info on the emerging technology in lighting is very much appreciated.
Happy Growing,

Right on. Growing your own is a great feeling

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A very great one! Thanks for stopping by cowboy!

Man after 20 days these things are rocketing. Thanks for using the tag. I got a new update coming out tomorrow for it.

Thanks! And looking forword to it.

Very much appreciate the tip on letting tap water sit for 24 hours, allowing the chlorine to dissipate! Healthier water for our plants and our bodies!!
Happy Growing,

No problem. Im happy to pass the knowledge along, since I also learned it from someone else who passed it on. Its important that we teach and learn from each other. Thank for stopping by my blog. Cant say Ive seen you around before, nice to meet you!

steem is great for bringing all sorts of different folks into the crypto space, love that about it. hope the price starts booming again soon👀

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Yeah right now you only see the die hards on Steem, but I do hope to see the price comes up so we can get some more content creators here.

def need to spice it up a bit