Santa's Kandy Bred By Jonyoudyer, A Weedcash Exclusive Grow(Trasfer Into Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil)

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What's up Steem/Weedcash! 14 day's ago I did a post on how to set up a basic closet grow. My goal, besides trying to achieve the best medicine I can possibly grow, is to encourage others to grow themselves. @skylinebuds and I really want to make the Steem Block Chain the premier spot for grow journals. Which is one reason why he started the #weeklygrowlog contest. You can check that out here. I know there are others that love Steem, and want to see the same thing. But it has been a hard fight. Not only do we have another Block Chain splitting up the community, but we have a lack of interest outside of the cannabis community. But that will not discourage us for working to make the Steem cannabis community the biggest on Steem. So if you know somebody who grows, send them my way. Or if you are reading this, and always wanted to grow yourself, what are you waiting for? Join in on the fun!!

So 14 days ago I started to germinate 5 seeds of Santa's Kandy. Santa's Kandy is a strain I crossed with a Steem Og male to a Kandy Kush female, a little over a year ago. Maybe more, really unsure. Out of those 5, only 2 grew. Not the best germ rate, but I will take it, all I need is one.

Here is how they looked 7 days ago.

Here is how they looked about 3 days ago

Since my seeds sprouted, I have been running a 20/4 light schedule. 20 hours on, 4 hours of dark. In the past I have ran 24 hours on, but since I am using a LED, I decided I would not run this as long as a CFL. I also have been keeping the heat pad on at night, but turning it off during the day, since it is warmer. It seems like they are loving life with this set up. All I have been doing is monitoring the water in the seed trays.


This is why I love Rapid Rooters. Seeing those roots gives me an euphoric feeling. It affirms my work, and keeps me motivated. It also tells me that these seedlings are ready for the transfer to soil. Time to ditch the 3 other seeds that are duds, and give the living ones proper attention.

Fox Farm Ocean Forest is my go to soil. It is packed with all the goodies that cannabis needs to thrive. All I am adding is tap water. The only thing I am doing is filling up a bucket with tap water, and let it sit for a minimum of 24 hours to let the chlorine dissipate. Soon I will have to make a decision, since all the goodies in the Fox Farm will be used up. To use bottled nutes, or to go with living soil. Right now I am leaning heavily on buying premixed Living Soil, KindSoil. Check it out, and let me know what you think. I most likely will go this route, since I really don't have the time to make my own, and most recipes I am seeing, calls for over a 100 gallons of soil!

Ok time to put these Santa Kandy seedlings into soil

First thing is to clean out my used pots from last grow. I love to use these round pots starting out. Not just for space, but it seems the roots do not get bound as fast as your standard pot.

Then I filled up the pot with soil, but not all the way. Only to the spot you want to put the bottom of your roots.

Then grab my seedling

Then set the newly rooted seedling into the pre-filled pot

Then fill up the pot with soil, enough to cover up the base of your Rock Wool Cube, or Rapid Rooter

So like I mentioned I am just adding water. Not much though. One common mistake people do, especially with seedlings, is over watering. So be very vigilant on how much water you add. Another mistake people do, in hopes of growing your plant faster, is adding nutes. Seedlings need very little nutes, really none at all. Everything that the plant needs at this stage is already in the soil, adding extra nutes this early will only create problems. I will be ordering my tent, and new light very soon. I can not wait! Until then I will just make sure these seedlings do not dry out, and watch our for bugs. They will soon be taking off, and start to grow like a weed! Stay tuned my fellow Canna-Steemians, :)

Growing on the Block Chain




Heck ya man. Get back in there and grow your own.

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Thanks cowboy, now if we could get people on here and even our Discord to care.

I agree. Anything growing, any plants or trees I'm down to get involved. Got my outdoor garden spot coming together. I love learning about growing weed too.

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Great to see a grow post by you again! They look great so far :) Happy gardening.

yeah I totally spaced for last weeks updates, but it does fell good to get a post up. What fells even better is to be growing again! Man I just love it.

Yeah you got the gardening bug. You and plants have a thing going on! ;D But don't worry, I won't tell. I'm into the same kind of stuff to be honest.... heheh.
Fuck yeah, plants. Especially THIS plant.

FF soil is the shit.. should keep them going until flowering.. I recommend FF 3 stage flowering nutes... Open Sesame, Beastie Bloom and Cha-Ching..

If i do not go the living soil route, i will look into these. It would be cool to do a side by side comparison. Would really make for an epic Steem exclusive post series too.

Nice post man, will be great when we see daily grow logs from different people and grows.

Now these plants are looking awesome. Is this a California strain?

Its steem og x kandy kush, so its a blend of all the classics

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