Game Winners And The Truth To Tall Tales!

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Behold the winners of the first episode of the Engage The Weekend game Tall Tales!

If you missed out this weekend, you can go check out the hijinks at the below link.

I'd like to thank everyone who participated and commented. That engagement is what makes Hive so enjoyable and rewarding as a place to call home on the internet.

I'd also like to take this time to thank @galenkp and the Engage The Weekend Community supporting this game and offering up and issuing the Hive prizes.

If you want to see the big reveal as to which story of mine was the Tall Tale, you'll have to scroll to the end. But first the announcement of the winners!

1st place is awarded to @bigtom13. Bigtom got right into the fun and had a tonne of engagement. Thanks for being a champ.

2nd place is awarded to @wwweibe. Victor was a lot of fun to engage with and he made a lot of funny comments. Guys like you make Hive a blast.

3rd place is awarded to @hlezema. Hlezema was the first to play along and gave some fantastic stories. His first one truly terrifying if true. Thanks hlezema and I can't wait to see what tall tales you'll come up with next week.

Hive prizes have already been transfered as seen by the screen shot below.


I'd now like to invite everyone who participated to reveal the answers to their own three facts in the comments below as I'm truly curious.

Was it the ill fated Palomino, the sad shit shoveling childhood or the badger killing pup?

Which one was your lie? Hardtimes in college, the bleeding scrotum or the tale of the ghost dog?

You had a couple a crazy tales but which one was the fabrication? The harrowing night with a witch doctor, the neverending story teller or the deers attempt at reforestation?

Galen, galen, galen. Were you accident prone sleepwalker, a pool hazard or a gambling maniac?

Which story was a total and shameless fabrication by hidave?

The answer is story number 2! Although I've spent plenty of time around celebrities I never woke up next to one in a seedy Hollywood apartment after a night of hard partying.

Most of you guys wanted story number 1 to be fake. But lucky me that actually happened, and yes I was too slow witted to capitalize on the situation and join four hot naked girls in a backyard pool party. Truth was I was in love with my girlfriend at the time and never even told her it had happened.

And number three was most certainly true too but I literally cannot divulge any further information on where one can go witness UFOs nightly. I've already been yelled at by folks you dont want to piss off before on that subject.

Hope you guys had fun playing along in the game. Stay tuned till next week for even more Tall Tales by hidave. Found exclusively in the Engage The Weekend community. The funnest place to be every weekend on Hive! Go on and check the community out.

Engage The Weekend Community


Discord: hidave#3221

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Hey mate, good little initiative here. Well done. It was a pleasure to support it with some hive prizes and I'm glad a few got involved.

So, for me the third fact was the lie. I'm not a gambler. Whilst we didn't win 1000 Euro though, we were there and lost 50 Euro on the roulette table. So...It was partially true I guess. I wish we won 1000 Euro!.

Thanks for running this little engagement post, I hope those that entered had some fun.

I hope everyone had fun playing along. I aim to have another episode next week. Would be great if even more people jumped in and play.

Ha! I knew it. I know my G-Dog! Not crazy enough to gamble wrecklessly

Yeah, I work too hard to earn my money, no point giving it to a gangster or government run casino...Both groups are synonymous really though huh?

Pretty much. Only one has more power

Thanks a lot for the prize and for the opportunity to share the stories. I have to go back to the post and read some of the other participants. They sound really funny from your summary.
About my stories, as I said then, it's hard to tell where the truth ends and the fabrication starts. People here are very creative and it would not be surprising if they actually found a way to weaponize avocado seeds while still keeping them fertile. Animals or parts of them have been used to enrich the soil and foster the growth of plants, after all. So, yeah, there might have been a notch or two of exageration in the deer story, but you threaten my friend to chop his head off and he'll still stick to the story.
The self-stabbing medium I witnessed and those images still haunt me. It might have been a trick,a very dexterous woman handling a knife, if so, she would have saved thousands of dollars to special effect creators.
The endless story was true. Unfortunatelly, all those old tale-spinners are dead now and the new generation can't even speak proper Spanish, let alone tell a coherent story. Reggaeton has not helped.

Luckily I didn't guess because I chose the story of that swimming pool🤣

It would have been fun for you to join in. Im doing another one this weekend. You play!

Okay I will 😊

Thank you. I appreciate the Hive and had an absolute blast.

Clear Lake or Owens Lake? :)

So. Mine was the endless shit shoveling and the nickname that went with it :) I shoveled normal farm kid shit. Horse, Cow, Chicken, Pig. But not great quantities, just enough to clean up a pen now and again.

Neither of those lakes. One near antelope valley. Has a nice view of things.

I've heard a couple of reports out of Owen's lake area. Strange lights sort of thing...

Course there are reports of strange lights around here every time the Marines drop a string of flares on little Baghdad out on the bombing range.

People confuse a lot of things for ufos. People are almost always mistaken. There are excrptions but generally speaking.

Yep. That is a fact.