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Seven-star ak - Budder

I have never had the chance to try seven-star brand before this. I always like to try new brands if they look good. I have seen this one on the internet so I knew it was not a very high end but not a low-grade brand more mid-grade to high. I will say that I am very shocked at how nice and tasty this budder is.




The look of this is a nice amber yellow with quite a few bigger chunks. Now I am far from an expert but I am pretty sure shatter and budder are the same just a different end product but the same way to extract it.



The taste on this a sour but earthy taste, I really enjoyed the taste on this budder. This is another one tho that is hard to judge without taking that perfect toke.



This high on this is perfect for a hybrid It is nice mellow high that leaves you energized. This is a great buzz for the daytime social activities or just getting shit down without getting too baked



I don't really find that budder has ever had very much smell to it almost like the raw distillate

In the end, I would buy this again and I would try different strains from seven-star as well If the price a little lower then the $50 a gram I paid but the $35 mark would be great

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