Rockstar - Double Review -

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BlackMarket and Well BlackMarket

What do I mean by that? Well, I got one of these from a friend in town that I normally get from. The other one I picked up at a local place as I like to try them out as well, I normally only get a gram or 2 to try from them cause they cost way more at $10 a gram.

Local Rockstar
When I got this local stuff I knew It was not the strain I was hoping for, Now to find out what I mean about that you have to look up the name rockstar and see that there is a couple of rockstar one being Rockstar and the other being BC rockstar. The one I prefer is the rockstar, It is a way nicer buzz. This one here was not it was the BC rockstar and I could tell right away with the Kushy smell from the bag when he gave it to me.

The First Review



As I said above the smell on this one was super kushy smell with a hint of skunk. It was a smell that needed to be double bag and in the trunk to drive it home.



This rockstar bud holds the parent strains bud stricture, They are super tight with some big HQ nugs these nugs remind me a lot of the BC big bud that is the parent strain.



I would say this might be the only rockstar I have had that was as piney tasting. This was a strong taste but only lasted for a few seconds after the toke. It has quite an earthy after taste.



Well to start this is not a light indica at all, It may be one of the strongest strain I have had for pain and sleep, I would tell you if you are going to smoke this It is a bedtime strain or a strain for people that can handle heavy indicas, This one was no different, It was a heavy body buzz from the first toke, I was sad to see this one go I really enjoyed it.

Local #2

When I walked into the shop I always take a few mins to see what kind of strain they have to offer. When I walked in this time This Rockstar caught my eye. When I asked to Smell it he gave me the jar and I knew right away this was this GOOD Rockstar that's genetics are Rockbud and Sensi star.



I have had this strain of rockstar a lot a well and I can tell this was a super pungent smell of it, they cured this just right to get all the nice aromas from it



The shine on these nugs was like no other, The crystals with the hairs made these look top-notch. The trim was one of the best jobs I had ever seen. The one thing that was slacking was the tightness of the nug.



This was a huge surprise to me that the taste was not really strong at all, I couldn't really pinpoint why or what flavour it may be. What taste it did have it was very earthy and kinda tingling on the tongue.



I have to think this is a daily Indica for the ones that can smoke a lot, My buddy who was was over and toking with me ended up passing out on the couch. It was a nice relaxing body buzz I thought, It is quite a couchlock sleepy buzz.



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wow........ i want to try that and press some :)

great review!

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