Guess and Win #2 Win Steem Basic Income

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Guess and Earn week #2

Do you want to earn yourself some of that awesome SBI @steembasicincome to get some sweet upvotes on your post? Well, I am going to give you that chance every week with this new contest.

What is steembasicincome you ask? Head on over to and find out, You can also join the discord group if you are needing more information on that.


Week 1 Winner

Last week we only ended up having 2 people leave a comment for the weight of the joint I weighted last week. I was shocked that I didn't have more people leaving a comment as it is an easy chance to win a SBI

As I only had 2 people leave a comment I went ahead and sent them both a SBI for people part the contest.

Week #2

Rules for the contest are as follows:

  1. You have to leave a comment and you can not change your guess. ( I can tell who does)
  2. You have to guess with 0.00 to have your guess entered.
  3. You will have to be within .10 +- of your guess to win
  4. Guess has to be within 3 days of this post to be counted, The reason for this is weedcash pays in 4 days.

The second week I have weighted one nice little tinny nug of some random flower I got this weekend.

So remember to comment with your guess for a chance to win some SBI from me and enjoy a little game.




1.4 is my guess...I'm so not good at guessing measurements hahaha

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Grams i assume is the consistent unit of measure i am assuming.

Yeah it is

1.37 definitely;)

.96 grams



Taking a wild guess here! If the joint was .67 then i am gunna guess this sweet bud is .42. Great contest! Already more entrants than last time ❤✌️❄

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