2x4 Grow Tent - Flower Day 37 - Cannabis - Garden - Big Nug Fast - Seedsman - Steem OG

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2x4 Steem OG and Seedsman Big Nug Fast Day 37 in flower.

these plants are starting to pump out the trichomes.

These are all on the same feeding with a half dose of big bud and half dose of liquid kool bloom.

The steem OG by @jonyoudyer might be one of the best-looking strains I have had the chance to grow.

You can come and check out Day 37 video :



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Thanks for coming and checking out my #cannabis post, I am going to make reviews and grow logs to help Pay for more grow equipment. I have set out a goal of 600 steem to help go towards a grow light.

The reason behind this idea is to show the rest of the cannabis space that I can make reviews and grow logs and help pay for the future grows.

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Looking delicious 🤘


One of my hopes with Steem Og was sombody finding a great pheno and then making it a clone only strain. I remember the pheno i had smelt like gorrilla glue, but with more fruit undertones.

Well I plan to spread some clones to a few people come summer. Not sure if I will sell them or donate them.

Or hell maybe I will horde the strain and smoke it all my self haha