2x2 AutoFlower - Grow journal - Weedcash - Day 29 Veg

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In this small little 2x2 grow tent update I give them all a little feeding.

the #1 Plants get more of the Florablend as they hit day 29 of the veg stage.

the #2 plants are growing really nice with the Teasixxer flipping a couple of days back and should be producing some more visible white hairs any day now.

These both are around 75 days from seed so I am counting down that all 4 should be going in to flower any day now.

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Gotta love Auto's - i just ordered a bunch more

Nice man, What strains did you order?.

Also come join the grow contest I got going on man would love for you to join.

Garden Magic:)
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Oh shit your on bittube! Cool. I need to post that interview from yesterday there. Cant wait to see these go into flower. :)

I like to share on all, Go sign up for LBRY and share them there too

muffled... hard to hear ya bud

Working fine on my phone.