Stealing from each other..

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I claim to be a accidental comedian... You know the typical blonde stereotype that jokes are made about. That's me. What most don't know is

  1. I really am intelligent
  2. I hate comedys (unless I'm high)

Seriously. If I want to enjoy a comedy I best smoke a joint before I even attempt to watch it! Otherwise everyone else is laughing a I'm sitting there wondering wtf. what's the point with this.
There are millions of people who love comedies. I generally find them tacky and stupid. Who's right? Who's opinion matters?

For me.. If you want to watch dumb and dumber that's your choice. More power to you. You have the right to watch what you want. What business is it of mine in the first place? Correct?

Ok.. So let's say you get paid to vote on the movie. Do I have the right to take your money because I don't like your movie selection? (Y'all see where I'm going with this huh..)

soup nazi

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These down votes makes no sense to me. I think there should be another way it should work perhaps. I understand peoples feelings about the rewards pool. But maybe that's what needs reworked.

Unless a post is within a tribe.. I personally feel I've got no right to take someone's points away from them because I share a different opinion.
Or just because I'm an asshat and down vote with no reasoning at all.

If you're posting in a tribe this is different. I believe the like minded members of that tribe has the right to not allow your post on gardening for example in their movie forum. They should be able to remove their token from you with Down votes. ..but NOT your steem!

Example.. My most favorite tribe is weedcash. I wouldn't want someone posting their unrelated financial stock market post in there. I'd want to be able to remove their weedcash. And really.. Why are they posting in there anyways?? Go find a tribe that suits their needs and likes. Perhaps Leo would be the better placement for that post. I'd remove their weedcash without affecting their steem.

Let's think about bid bots and vote selling.
If I purchased votes what gives someone else the right to come steal my votes? I've never bought a vote but I have sold them. And my curation reward was depleted from the down votes I can only assume was because they purchased the votes. The 3 article I'm referring to were not bad post. They had put time an effort into them. But because they bought their votes someone disagreed and stole their money. That's bullshit.

I believe if something is truly harmful.. Then yes it needs forked off. But that's what our witnesses are for. And ONLY them. NO ONE else should have the right to steal from someone else. Especially cause they don't agree on whether it's good content or they don't like that they bought and paid for a service (vote selling ie advertising). But that's exactly what you're doing when you take away their points so they can't earn from it.

What to do? DON'T VOTE ON IT! Lol it's that simple. Move on to the next post. Mute them! I'm assuming I'm sharing with adults here...

Another example.. I love coffee and I liked Starbucks. But due a remark from Starbucks CEO few years back I quit purchasing from them. That's my choice and my right. But that's where my rights end. I can express opinions to try to get others not to support them but I do NOT have the right to steal from them. And if someone still wants to support them that's NONE OF MY BUSINESS! For me I'll just drink my folders lol.

Anyways that's how this blonde sees it... Rework the rewards pool perhaps. Having qualifications to meet certain criteria. Then if there's a problem allow the witnesses to do their job.

Otherwise be an adult..move on. Quit stealing from others cuz you share a difference of opinion or you're the good content police. I promise you'd feel differ if it was being done to you.

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