Good morning steemians.. I'm Home!😁😍

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And... I finally got a full night rest! Lol. Its been A week since I've waked and baked while watching the sun come up in my yard. I've MISSED this! Lol
I'm waiting on ❀@wdougwatson❀ to come in from work. He'll be home in about 30 minutes.
Missing my husband has been the biggest downside to my new jobπŸ˜”.. otherwise I'm loving it. Its very fast paced.. which I LOVE! Also.. I LOVE my coworkers. They're GREAT!😎 Most of us are potheads so after work we all smoke together to unwind. I smoked couple of dabs, lots of blunts, joints and even out of an apple!πŸ˜‚
This screenshot is the week before I started my m new job

And this screenshot was my steps after starting to work

I leave again prolly on Monday to go back down south. I'll be back on Thursday or Friday to set up for Kiss on Saturday.
I'm hoping all yall are good! And your stashes stay full!!😍😘

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Sorry you are missing your husband but congratulations on your new job.

Apples are cool, but potatoes are better and baby carrots are my fav (lol)

Oh wow! I've never thought about potatoes or carrots! Lol that's cool I'll have to try it😁
Doug will be joining me at a later time. We've got some short term goals to complete first then I'll put in a word to get him on. Then life will be grand😁😍

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Oh and thank you😍😘

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You said a girl thank God for a full stash! Congrats on your new job sure makes a change in the quantity of activity hey? Love your positive vibe keep it up!

Thanks! 😍... yes I'm much more active since starting work again. Which is good Lol..I was getting lazy sitting at the house haha. Its been difficult being on the road but I do love it. 😁

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