Trick or Treat

in weedcash •  5 months ago 
I am not a fan of trick or treat. It celebrates evil. While I permit my children to attend I look for ways to bring them back to the light. They had a good haul this evening and I attended a candy pass out at the old folks' home near by. It gives them light while providing my child with a treat. I had a good day. I was able to work through a problem attitude at work and accomplish what was asked of me. I am well prepared for tomorrow even though the overtime for tonight was canceled. It was a good day. Tomorrow is Friday and the start of a weekend off. I am hoping that overtime for Saturday will be offered because my family is hungry and so am I. A letter to the Ohio EPA is almost ready that requests medical freedom and the removal of fluoride from my water. I found out that my specific job is not randomly drug tested. I have been looking forward to riding puff the magic dragon for a long time.
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I agree about Halloween, but then I don’t have any kids. I like your compromise and how you find a way to work in the light.

I hope you get some overtime and a puff. 💨