Hemp is the future of eco-friendly construction materials.

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In this picture above, is a way to make a construction brick from hemp hurds, lime and water. Zero heat is used to make this brick. Brick dries in a day. Lasts forever. The hempbrick or smaller hempcrete(concrete from hemp plant) becomes stronger as it ages just like a stone eventually.

The entire wall of hemp brick becomes a breathing chamber for your house. No extensive cooling required. No extensive heating required. The temperature remains steady. And no harmful chemicals needed to lay a coat or paint on this hempbricks cause there is no micro dust as compared to mudbricks or cement blocks. Hemp bricks exposed to outer climate doesn’t degrade in any way. The costs of a hemp house are so minimal.

Reference :https://www.hemptoday.com/what-is-hempcrete/

You see this is natures ultimate answer to shelter or any building materials!!! Which we simply denied.

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Hey, @makinstuff ,you might find this interesting. :-)