'KingKong' - Cannabis Strain Review - Homegrown From Seed

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Recently I acquired some home-grown Cannabis. I was told that this particular strain is KingKong. This lot was grown indoors from seed and it somehow turned out to be a rather mighty gorilla with a gentle punch; an ape who was up for some indoor nugporn on a rainy day (although some of the photos are from an earlier shoot) and have already featured in a poem on Weedcash!


This weed has been very nicely cured and trimmed which must've taken a while. This sez a lot about Integrity and 'attention to detail' in my book - there are no chunky stalks kicking about. Often 10%+ of a score will be stalk and as beggars can't be choosers (not just yet anyhow ;) one has to live with it. It is therefore very nice when the entire weight can be smoked!




The weed has a light aroma which reminds me of grass - the lawn stuff. It also has another smell that I cannot quite describe, but which reminds me of the bhangu (weed) I used to score when I lived in Egypt in the 1990s. This aroma is pleasant - not quite as sweet as freshly cut lawn, but heading in that direction!



The orange hairs are pretty spectacular on the King - mighty arms reaching out to topple the belief systems (BS) of old and making up for not having as many glittering trichomes as a barge might like.




This homegrown KK fluffs up very nicely once it's been gently processed in the grinder.


The taste is nice, no harsh gorilla punches to the throat! I am also getting used to using this funky glass chillum which was part of my Big 420 Bounty and no longer cough and splutter as I did at first. I usually add a little tobacco to the mix but for today's photos I filled the first bowl with just weed and then had to follow up with two more in order to get the photos I wanted (the glowing chillums towards the bottom of this post).


KingKong's hit is soft, mellow and uplifting. It comes upon you and takes you by surprise when you realise that you're in a different dimension - which is what happened to me anyhow:

After scoring a bag of KingKong and smoking a few bowls, I went to visit a friend who lived nearby and smoked a few more. Then I went to meet another friend off the train. Although this train station is familiar to me (as in 25+ years of coming and going :), I spent what seemed like ages looking for the platform and feeling the kind of stoned confusion in public places that I hadn't felt for many years - walking up and down unable to locate it, looking and feeling self-conscious and confused. I was aware of carrying weed and was no doubt picking up on all the surveillance energies from the zillions of CCTVs marking one of the things Britain is currently "Great" for. Anyhow, after a few deep breaths taken standing still, the steps leading down to platform 10 appeared magically in front of me and bingo, so did my friend!


I had wondered if anyone had already reviewed KingKong over on smoke.io but I couldn't find anything. I had a look online and found one review which I'm sharing as it reflects some of my experience with this strain and in case you might like some more info. The review only had one comment but I think it is worth noting:

On the whole I find this homegrown KingKong Cannabis to yield the kind of stone where you go deep into things at the mind level and tend to overlook the practical and the mundane. It is a very nice head in the clouds smoke experience IMO and KingKong is therefore extremely suited to creative activity, spacing with music or getting lost in an animal's cuddle-space.


Thanks for reading this triple-dipping post (quadruple even!!!!) 🔆


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TYVM canna-curate!!

Nice looking buds, sounds like a good buzz too, those overflowing pistils remind me of skunk strains :)

Thanks Jack, the review I linked to also mentions skunk :)

It is overwhelmingly earthy in its initial aroma, with a powerful after kick of skunk. The use of the word “skunk” to refer to anything intended to be pleasant might seem strange, but it has this strangely unyielding, moreish quality to it that does not put you off.

The grass smell is from not drying it and it having some mold breaking down that makes it smell that way.

Drying is the most critical. Even I've messed that up and had the same issues you have faced.

Stems inside the flower hold moisture. And it needs to be lost quickly enough to be below the amount needed for molds.

Also might have been a circulation issue. jarred too early maybe?

Well keep on trying

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Thanks for the input GF.... I did actually leave the buds to dry some more for a few hours after I got them. Drying is critical indeed, I agree.

Nice review!

Thanks Jon :)