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Greetings WEED enthusiasts,

This is @futuremind from Steem.

For anyone who doesn't know who I am, I'm a content creator and curator.


Since December of 2017 I've been doing the Steem thing, and I love it, but it has become somewhat monotonous, and I've felt for a while now that I need some change in my life. I'm not quitting Steem, of course not, but I am focusing some energy elsewhere now.

Steem-engine is pretty awesome in my opinion, and ever since the PAL drop (which I staked), I have been quite addicted to it. I could list a multitude of reasons why I think it's awesome, but it's not very relevant to this post, other than the fact that it's the medium of exchange for WEED.

I was gifted some WEED from my good friend @krunkypuram, and I've been hooked ever since. Thanks krunkypuram!

I tried a while back, and think it's a cool platform. I must be honest about the fact that I like better. I think because of the integration into Steem, it's just very appealing to me.

I see some familiar faces here, and that is pretty cool. I've been actively curating these users when I see them.

So I will just briefly discuss my plans, because you are going to see imaginary-friend upvotes on on a daily basis now.

I had initially traded Steem for some miners. Currently I have staked 40 WEEDMs, and 7 WEEDMM's. I don't know if I will get more miners, but probably not, as I've noticed a decrease in mining rewards. I understand conceptually how the miners work, but I want to maximize my WEED income with actively curating, so this is where I am focusing, and I will simply leave the miners staked and stake incoming mining rewards.

This being said, I had initially powered up @futuremind with what is now about 800 WEED, but..
It's not exactly efficient to curate from my Steem curation account, so my idle imaginary friend was just the solution!

Right now I am in powerdown status for futuremind, it will be transferred to imaginary-friend, and powered up for curation purposes.

I intend to curate efficiently, likely utilizing 100% votes for now on posts, and maybe a couple of comments a day. Daily, I have a goal to use about 12 percent VP in total, give or take, until I get an efficient system down.

I don't intend to post heavily, if at all. (at least for the time being)

My goal on, is to curate, and I am curating through the platform, not Steempeak or the likes, as a loyalty to this cool looking frontend. It's more efficient anyway I find, and I feel like it works pretty darn smooth.

Over the course of the next 6 weeks, I'll be transferring my power downs , and powering them up with this account.

My stake should at least double over this time, and I should have a pretty efficient system by then.

You men and women just keep posting WEED posts, because WEED is awesome, and futuremind is on a mission to curate you!

Thanks @coffeebuds for your hard work and dedication to this project. is really nice, and I look forward to curating here.

Much love,
@futuremind / @imaginary-friend


Right on! Very glad to have you here. I also think Weedcash is better then Smoke too, after all it is Steem on weed! The future is bright over here, and the team is great and ready to get shit done.

Yes the team is seriously kicking ass. I'm super excited about Weedcash. Maybe it's a combination of the very attractive frontend design, coupled with steem-engine/keychain integration. I do believe it will just continue to get better from here.

I'm thrilled to be an early adopter of Weedcash. I see great things ahead in the future.

Thank you so much for the warm welcome @canna-curate!

Welcome to the WeedCash side of steem - i've been enjoying the steem-engine too, it brought me back to steemit with this WeedCash token :)

Thanks bro! Yeah I can see WeedCash going far. I appreciate the comment and support. I remember you from smoke. I'm not sure if I will use smoke again honestly but who knows. You create some fire content, and you're one of the people I'll be actively curating!

I appreciate the love, Seeya around!

Steem mate, I dont think steemit will keep chase with other website on steem 😁

Im never using the word steemit again 😂

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lol, agreed. I don't use Steemit anymore, ever since their forced ad campaign.

When I use Steempeak, and think about Steemit, it's akin to imagining using one of those junker blackberries in a modern smartphone age. 😂

I just wish they would go away. Steem blockchain doesn't need the bullshit anymore.

I didnt even know about the ads, I did see the post but then only people saying about them but just because i switched to brave in December and yeh, adblocker!

I think theres 10 weeks left until the steemit sp account is empty..

How could you not notice when it's taking up like 25% of the page 😅
I guess the ad blocker is doing its job.
If they would have given the user an "option" to disable, not only would I have kept the ads enabled, I would have continued to use Steemit!
Take away my choice, and I say good bye. really sucked for me I'd rather do the Weedcash thing. Let alone the smoke community was really sub-par...

And do believe that Weedcash is worth way more than some crap coin...

Well blaze it with the Weedcash! Here is a vote

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Hey @ganjafarmer, thanks for the love!

Yeah, smoke wasn't bad for me, it just felt like it was missing something, and I just fell off using it after about a month.
Weedcash is better on so many levels imo.
Some Steem users think I'm a bit crazy to believe in WEED so much, but then again, those users might underestimate how many people in this world are pro cannabis.
I see this platform/token being one of the most, if not the most successful platform/token to arise from the advent of Steem-engine.
I think we will all be very happy to have taken part in this. The future is bright!

Yeah I know. Smoke tried to divert all the Cannabis content from Steemit... Oh that got to be a huge hit for the Cannabis tag.

Same with Canna. They diverted others from building the Cannabis tag. Even had to tell people to use Cannabis as a tag more..

I usually wandered the new cannabis tag postings. These days I'm just being me.

But now with Weedcash and growing the Cannabis tag in Steemit? Nice! Love that!

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Thank you for the warm green welcome! 😎

Great to have you still here!

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I'm addicted bro, I'll probably still be here when I'm an arthritic old man who's eyes and hands no longer function. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to have grandchildren who can help me curate :)

Nice to see you!


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Glad to see you are still here.

I am loving all the movements on the blockchain and like that there are so many more trying to curate.

It’s not about screaming at mountain tops anymore, it’s about listening to what the other people on the mountain are saying.


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