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Greetings WEED Enthusiasts,

Today I joined the Weedcash discord, and was having a chat with @jonyoudyer about how it can be rather hit or miss in New York in terms of finding quality cannabis. It's definitely possible to obtain quality cannabis on a regular basis, but you have to maintain some solid connections, and these types of connections here are not easy to come by, especially if you're a hermit like me.

Where I live, it's common to deal with shoddy characters, and if you do get something decent, it's likely you are still paying too much. I suppose that is relative to what you , the consumer feel is too much. Generally people sell dime bags around here, and if you can find someone to sell actual weight, you are paying anywhere from $25.00 USD - $50.00 USD for 3.5 grams. A regular cannabis consumer can go through this much in a day, so it's quite pricey.

Let me quit rambling now and show you all what I acquired. A few grams of what appears to be some super dank bud. I'm going to twist one up and give it a try after completing this post.

Camera Equipment:

  • A ZTE Android smartphone. Not the greatest, but it gets the job done.


Let's have a look at the cannabis with some fluorescent lighting.


Pretty frosty. The aroma is pungent, a great sign!


There it is. It's been at least 3 months since obtaining cannabis of this caliber, so it's safe for me to assume https://www.weedcash.network is my new good luck charm. Does that sound silly? Well maybe it does, but I just manifested some dank ass bud into my reality. Now I'm gonna smoke it.

and listen to some Gov't Mule, cause they rock.

Much love,
@futuremind / @imaginary-friend


Right on! glad you got your hands on something you enjoy.

I'm gonna try to nurse it. Who knows when I'll find more.

Thanks for the weed love bro!

Yeah when you find some good. You gotta baby sit it like it's your baby. But other stuff in the mean time of lesser quality so you can make that stuff last longer.

Gotta get your special connection with California

Dime bags? Damn haven't heard of that since the 90s...you should come up to Canada

Dime bags and "dubs" , even "nicks", have never lost stride in New York 😂

Perhaps one day I will come to Canada. There are plenty of places I would like to visit, but in order to do so, I must have that green stuff that they say doesn't grow on trees. In the mean time, I'll smoke a doob and not stress it.

Thanks for stopping by @genuinehuman! :)

Your youtube cheered my brain
Give thanks.

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