Time for Texas to Come Around on Cannabis

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Texas is still one of the states that largely criminalizes cannabis growing, selling and possession.

However, cannabis prosecutions in the state have allegedly dropped more than 50 percent in recent years, with prosecutors looking to file fewer charges relating to cannabis activity.

Now, they also might soon embrace a decriminalization effort in some regions as well. In Austin, several City Council members are looking to push this effort through and are still looking for a few votes to make it a reality.

They will be voting on a cannabis decriminalization proposal later this month.

If they make these changes and approve of the decriminalization of cannabis then that would mean a sudden end to arrests and fines associated with the activity.

Considering that a majority of drug activities are largely non-violent, it's better for law enforcement in the region to focus their resources on other much more important matters than personal cannabis possession.

Aside from putting an end to low-level arrests it would also prevent the city from spending any resources on doing cannabis tests. If the individual hasn't demonstrated an intent to sell or distribute the product then they say that they are not going to intervene.

Although there are many states in the U.S. that have embraced legalization for various purposes, many are still dragging their feet on making changes and allowing this level of freedom.

According to FBI stats, cannabis arrests grew in 2018.

In 2018, more than half a million people were arrested over this plant, 663,367 arrests took place in the country.

Thousands of arrests across the country are still taking place, regardless of the legalization lie that has been spread far and wide. Even in states that have welcomed legalization, those not following the strict nonsensical rules are still being punished.

Those agencies that are going to re-think their priorities and decriminalize cannabis, adjust their attention and resources elsewhere on more pressing criminal matters, are ultimately the ones who are going to provide more value to their communities.

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Great piece!

I'd like to think that these politicians will eventually outgrow their stupidity on cannabis but unfortunately there are many rich anti-cannabis forces. In politics it's MONEY that has the power.