Support for Cannabis Legalization in Florida Steadily Increasing

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There is a lot of support for cannabis legalization in Florida and it is one region that has yet to legalize recreational use, among other areas.

However, that could change as there are multiple ongoing efforts to alter the current state of things. One activist has been working to push for a constitutional amendment that would allow cannabis to be used by adults for their own personal use. There are also other efforts to erase misdemeanor cannabis convictions, and seek a legalized market.

There is a new bill that is expected to be introduced sometime next year that is going to help make those changes in bringing Florida into a new cannabis territory. There are many people who have had their lives significantly negatively impacted by the drug war and their cannabis activities, though they may have been victimless and peaceful, have left them unable to get a decent place to live or find a job, apply to school etc.

If those prior convictions were to be erased then that would potentially help thousands of people.

If the new change for that constitutional amendment were to make it onto the upcoming ballot then they are certain it would see passage. They say that the numbers for cannabis support just keep getting stronger every new year.

Understanding The Economic Potential With Cannabis

“We talk all the time on the right about the need to empower people and empower states,.... . Right now, the federal policy on cannabis constrains our people. It limits our states.” - Rep. M Gaetz

Current rules in the FL region dictate that the act of possession, of up to 20 grams of cannabis, could be a first-degree misdemeanor. With that comes the potential punishment of up to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine. That means that they have some of the strictest cannabis rules still, despite their move for medicinal cannabis acceptance in Florida previously.

2 out of 3 voters support legalization of cannabis in Florida

There is a clear trend not only in FL but around the U.S. as well, that shows cannabis support is growing, slowly favor is increasing for legalization cannabis and changing the war on drugs approach to policing these activities.

There is tremendous economic benefit that can come from decriminalization for cannabis, or legalization of this plant. Tens of thousands of jobs could be created, if not more. This includes hiring those who are growing it, processing it, right down to the cashiers or 'budtenders' who are working in the dispensaries directly with the customers.

There are a wide range of products, thousands of them that can be created, and many industries that can put this plant to use. From the food and restaurant industry offering cannabis dining and cannabis cafes, to healthcare, tourist companies tapping into a cannabis travel need, or even being able to use hempcrete in the construction industry is possible.

It can help to make animal bedding, animal feed, clothing, lotions, gummies, vapes, and much more. These restrictions don't promote freedom, they do just the opposite. And it is time that those restrictions on the cannabis market were reversed and freedom embraced, so that individuals can exercise their natural rights to grow, trade, consume etc.



I think green thumb is a company that is mainly in Florida. Could be a play

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I supported it when I lived there, but hurricanes got the best of me, lol. So I moved to a place where it was already legal, so I support now from afar!

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yes better to be safe and support from afar 😂

Now this is something I've been wanting for a long time here in FL. Lets finally get recreational!!!

Bring it on!! I live in Florida and am in full support

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