Majority of Cannabis Samples Coming Up Moldy

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It's hard to find quality cannabis for many, and in one recent test sampling of cannabis products in the Denver region, it was allegedly found that the majority of the samples tested positive for mold.

The city conducted the tests at more than 20 dispensaries in the region. They gave them warning that they would be coming to do the tests and the products still overwhelmingly failed.

It's reported that the results of the tests are going to be shared with the facilities, overall they saw an 80 percent failure rate with the samples.

This isn't the first occasion that cannabis has been found to have issues with mold. There are a variety of dispensaries in the Colorado area, as well as in other jurisdictions, that have previously recalled their cannabis products for concerns over mold. No, not even government-regulated products have been immune to this issue.

This is why there is a growing need for third-party, transparent, independent testing, an option that is cost-effective so that it's available to a wide number of cannabis users.

The investigations into the cannabis samples were allegedly part of an ongoing initiative for city officials, who are concerned with conducting further research on the shelf life of marijuana products and learning more about the packaging etc.

There are various tips to be found online with regard to avoiding mold with storage, but as far as avoiding it when making a purchase, there are a variety of approaches to take. For those who aren't able to grow their own and are looking for a trusted supply, it might require doing your own third-party testing to verify that you are receiving a quality product. But then again, you might need to do that every time to be sure though, to be certain that each batch you purchased was the quality you were looking for.


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Well that can't be good. Id definitely avoid smoking those buds

not easy when undetectable to the naked eye 😲

Learn to grow yourself, the drying and fermenting process is crucial... and the big producers don't give a freck...

if you have the space, the will, the freedom, i think growing is the best option for quality control and saving money!

Good to alert folks about this. Obviously mold must need cannabis too. LOL

I saw this a while back. Thanks for getting the information out here. Whenever you’re dealing with mass production and big money, quality control goes out the window, just like in our food supply. #growyourown #knowyourfarmer

Government regulations don’t keep you safe, as you regularly state. They give the masses the illusion of safety while picking winners and losers.

Be like California consumers and reject the lies and destruction of the regulated market. #legacymarket4life. ✌️

took me awhile to get around to posting about it, thanks for coming by and checking out the post always apprec your thoughtful feedback, hope you are doing well where you are now, still in mex?

Yeah, still in Mexico. At least it’s cooled down some. The winter here is wonderful.

I don't see any details about quantity of infesting species. Given how cannabis is prepared for consumption, protocols that can preclude any presence of mold species are probably prohibitively expensive. Back in the day, and across jurisdictions today that restrict cannabis to black markets, it is highly likely that mold was and is present in those products.

Mold isn't one thing, just like car isn't. How much of what was present, and what health risks are or aren't potential to those species at those loads are pretty important information we don't have.

I appreciate the general heads up, but would appreciate details if your source had them.


Edit: I saw you provided source material, which is awesome. I followed a link and found this:

"Dispensaries that sourced their products from state-tested wholesale suppliers were "set up to fail," according to another owner whose dispensary failed the random assessment."

"As the state tracking system (METRC) would show us, the product was tested/process-validated and okay to be sold to the public. Otherwise, if the product has been marked as failed, as a retail facility, we would not have even been able to accept it into our facility's system," says another dispensary owner with inventory that failed testing. "If we had any inclination that the product would not have passed testing, we would have not received or purchased the product wholesale. We are debating whether or not to take legal action against the vendor for this inconvenience and loss of business that we have experienced."

Given the product was evaluated and tested prior to wholesaling to retailers, it appears that different standards are being applied by the city than apply to growers that supply to retailers. I reckon the city is playing some kind of power politics with retailers, and that their condemnation of 80% of products that had previously been safety tested and passed is pressure on retailers.

I remember failing to pay bribes to a planning department water inspector once, and a similar problem with getting my permits signed off on ensued.

Yup there is a bunch of molded buds out there Unfortunately.