Lawsuits Over Cannabis Delivery Services in Los Angeles

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A lawsuit has been launched against Los Angeles and the Department of Cannabis Regulation, over issues with cannabis delivery licenses and market restrictions in California. There are two trade organizations behind the fight and they have been trying to get market access for years but have been blocked from obtaining a license.

This isn't the only region that has faced issues with their cannabis license schemes, as they have unfolded around the country people have increasingly wondered why some are getting permits while others aren't. The scoring process and decision making process hasn't been transparent enough and there simply aren't enough permits to go around, and the state says this isn't a flaw in their process but only a sign that there is too much interest with people looking to get into the market.

Too many people value getting into the cannabis business.

That is what the government is saying when they don't want to accomodate those individuals who want to do business. They just want them to change their cannabis grow goals or dispensary dreams and pick up another occupation desire, because there just aren't enough permission slips to go around. It's a clear violation of Constitutional and natural rights, to prevent people from doing business or cultivating their own cannabis.

These crony cannabis markets are not about affording people cannabis freedom, otherwise they'd be working a lot differently. They are about gaining support, for those who run on pro-cannabis policies, and it's about financially exploiting cannabis patients to bring hundreds of millions into the state, for more wasteful spending which is what they're best at. There is huge demand for cannabis delivery but it's either criminalized or heavily regulated to the point of restricting efficiency of that market to meet the demand. And now in places like Los Angeles there are more lawsuits over the permit process altogether.

Those behind the lawsuit argue that the government disenfranchised legacy cannabis operators, and they had been waiting for their turn to get their business permits, it shouldn't take years. They want to see no limit on delivery licenses for cannabis business services in the region.



Only government could turn "this isn't a crime anymore" into such a tangle of red tape. It isn't incompetence, though, it is malice.

they F up everything they touch