Are Mexican Lawmakers Ready To Embrace Drug Legalization?

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The drug war continues to be waged in many regions around the world, including across the United States still, with many people being arrested and detained over cannabis despite the broad increase in legalization in recent years.

In Mexico, they've still been heavily pursuing victimless crimes and cracking down on drug use and selling, but that hasn't worked and it has arguably fueled only unjust and unnecessary violence over the years. But now, Mexican lawmakers might be looking to finally change things. That's because some lawmakers have reportedly been considering an end of criminalization, legalizing all drugs to try and squash cartel violence.

By criminalizing various drug activities in that region, the state has not only failed to prevent drug use and selling, but they've also increased the value of the action surrounding that activity because of the risk associated. This is why there are so many who are still willing to skirt formal guidelines and pursue careers in this industry despite it not being "legal".

Just a few days ago, Mexican senate members unveiled draft legislation that would establish a legal market in the country. Some of the changes include making it a requirement that you need to be 18 years old to buy cannabis or possess recreational cannabis in the country. As well, you wouldn't be allowed to consume in public areas. Packaging and marketing would be humorously and unnecessarily tight with restrictions and rules, and not everyone would have equal access to legalization for edibles. If they are successful in passing the new changes then that would make Mexico the 3rd country to move forward in this direction.

It's expected that it might fuel what could be the largest adult-use cannabis market in the world. But even though they might pass the changes on paper within a short amount of time, real change on the streets could still be years away. And even when the legal market does become fully realized, there will still be many restrictions on activities involved in this space. A legal market is not synonymous with freedom for all cannabis growers and users etc. One thing is obvious though and that is that the war on drugs that has continued in the United States, Mexico, and elsewhere, isn't working. It makes our communities less safe when we try to police personal choices in this manner and we could save a great deal of resources by lawmakers seeking to finally shift their priorities.


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I approve of this plant-based posts.
Let's hope this medicinal plant becomes legal worldwide, to cure a crazy world!

Unfortunately the healthcare industry and governments don't like weed (unless they can control/tax/profit from it). Decriminalize all over and let the people grow their own to use and thus take control of their health.

You would think in a country like Mexico the herb was fully legal already. The more they dight it the more the violence. Smart move I believe. But like most countries, it is only illegal because the US made it that way. (insert money sound)

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@doitvoluntarily, When something good can be done then it's better to do. Stay blessed.

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same to you always

Thank you so much.

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They have been talking about making it legal for years in Mexico. Fear of tighter restrictions at the U.S. border has been the problem in the past. Hopfully, the shifting attitudes here will be enough to keep that from being an issue this time and they actually do it.

To be frank, if the USA doesn't want me to enter because I once smoked some weed- which was absolutely necessary to cure my chronic jonesing disorder, I will fly right over them to Jamaica or Mexico.

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