BE ORGANICALLY RAW, Don't Let Anyone Make You Feel As If You Need To Prove Anything! - Smoking Ramble

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Time For A Safety Meeting, We Need To Talk!

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I have been thinking about this pretty well all day, sad situation at hand we have. Almost loosing a strong community member due to it... I have a way of talking of the situation without mentioning the situation and I was troubled as to how to turn this frustration into a positive without giving more power to the problem 🤔


So I smoked on it...


Twice and on my second "safety meeting" while pulling out a Raw Organic paper I noticed the watermark making me think "RAW" to myself... raw as in unrefined... unscripted... no fucks given!


Looking back at the papers now "Organic" stood out to me 😅 how fitting this little situation was... the message I want to share had now become clear...



We as creators on the internet need to practice taking criticism on a regular basis and part of that is knowing BS from constructive and helpful. There are two ways I see that can help maintain a balance in dealing with incoming criticisms, either you cater to their needs or stand your ground. Since we are dealing with an imaginative online space why not stand your ground? Be organically raw? Even if it goes against your nature it is an opportunity to be the strong or compassionate character you wish to be! Worst that can happen is being proven wrong but how does that effect you in real life? Being wrong is a normality in reality and it is only the online space which everyone falls to playing the game of "I am more right".

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Does it look like I give a fuck what people think of me? Only I know who I am! You can't tell me shit about me that I don't already know to be true or not! There is nothing I need to prove to anyone other then myself!

That Proof Will Come Through My Actions!

or lack thereof

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Has The Idea Of Being A Witness Crossed Your Mind?
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