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RE: Bill Waiting To Be Passed That Would Legalize Using CBD In Supplements

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I also imagine most milgrams listed on products is way off as well! Don’t see how it would be different then atHC products. Can’t wait to get a good CBD strain to grow myself.

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with no THC? or what?

I would like to find a 4:1 ratio, but a no thc strain would be ok. It is for my wife. She does 1-2 mg thc Max, on a dose lol

that is crazy low, has she tried more and just didn't like it? I still prefer to get my CBD from the oil or edibles, or vapes, but ive seen packs of just cbd smokes and wouldn't mind trying some being an ex smoker lol😅

Yeah it is crazy lol. She be getting stoned off that amount. But she hates to fell stoned.