[ESP/ENG] We started Cannabis self-cultivation / Empezamos el auto-cultivo de Cannabis

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We decided to start our own cannabis self-cultivation!

We started it as an experiment, since we don't have availability for a greenhouse. The experiment basically is to evaluate if the plant can grow healthy, strong and also generate a "decent" harvest with only a couple of hours of direct sun a day.

We have read and been told that it is difficult but not impossible. Obviously the plant may not reach its maximum potential but we still want to see how it develops under these conditions.

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¡Decidimos iniciar nuestro propio autocultivo de canabis!

Lo hicimos como experimento, ya que no tenemos disponibilidad para un invernadero. El experimento básicamente es evaluar si la planta puede crecer sana, fuerte y además generar una cosecha "decente" con solamente un par de horas de sol directo al día.

Hemos leido y nos han dicho que es dificil pero que no es imposible. Obviamente quizás la planta no alcance su máximo potencial pero aun así queremos ver como se desarrolla bajo estas condiciones.


The seeds we used were a gift from a friend. It was the perfect moment to start. It was just during the winter so we started to study to be able to start the germination in spring.

Las semillas que utilizamos nos la regaló una amiga. Fue el momento perfecto para empezar. Fue justamente durante el invierno así que empezamos a estudiar para poder iniciar la germinación en primavera.



Of all the germination techniques, we used the wet napkin technique, it went very well, even one of the seeds sprouted its first two leaves inside the napkin.

De todas las técnicas de germinación, usamos la técnica de la servilleta humeda, les fue super bien, incluso a una de las semillas le salieron sus primeras dos hojas dentro de la servilleta.


After about 10 days the 3 seeds were ready for their new home in substrate and 200 ml plastic cups. We used a pre-mixed, basic and light substrate.

Luego de unos 10 dias ya las 3 semillas estaban listas para su nuevo hogar en sustrato y vasos de 200 ml. Usamos un sustrato premezclado, básico y ligero.

Because the substrate is relatively neutral and this plant has specific growth phases, we also bought a "tri-pack" of nutrients in order to give it better nutrition than just water.

Debido a que el sustrato es relativamente neutro y esta planta tiene fases específicas de crecimiento, también compramos un "tri-pack" de nutrientes para poder darle una mejor alimentación que solamente agua.


The nutrients are divided into 3 phases, "rooting" to develop the root growth of the plant, the "flowering" liquid that stimulates the budding of flowers, and finally a "fattening", which favors the optimization of the harvest in its last stages of development.

Los nutrientes se dividen en 3 fases, "enraizante" para desarrollar el crecimiento radicular de la planta, el liquido de "florecimiento" que estimula el brote de flores, y por último un "engordante", que favorece la optimización de la cosecha en sus ultimas etapas de desarrollo.


This is how they look after a couple of weeks in substrate, some drops of temperature and only one hour of sun so far. We wait for the spring to advance so that the sun can reach us a little more.

In the meantime, we will continue to give them affection and several hours of daily spa near the light bulb.

Así están luego de un par de semanas en sustrato, algunas bajas de temperatura y solo una hora de sol. Esperamos a que siga avanzando la primavera para que el sol pueda llegar un poco más.

Mientras tanto, seguiremos dandole cariño y varias horas diarias de spa cerca del bombillo.


All this has been advised by @elbuencultivador (The Good Grower) who by the way has just started in Hive and will be sharing all his experience and experiments of cannabic self-cultivation and even some canna-bonsais. Read more about him and his project in his first post.

Todo esto ha sido asesorado por @elbuencultivador que por cierto recién inició en Hive y estará compartiendo toda su experiencia y experimentos de autocultivo canábico e incluso algunos bonsais de canabis. Lee un poco más sobre el y su proyecto en su primer post.

We're reading a lot of Cannabis posts here in Hive and can't wait to update the beatuty's status in the following weeks.

Estamos leyendo muchos posts de Cannabis aquí en Hive y no podemos esperar a actualizar el estado de estas bellezas en las próximas semanas.




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Firsts are always the most difficult. Try an grab a Spider farmer 1k or 2k just to help with the electricity costs. Will also boost growth in anticipation of spring light cycles. Good job, an Much luck.

This is our first time and wanted to see how everything goes doing all natural. Looking forward on getting some toys in the future for sure 😁 Thank you so much for your recommendation!

If you are interested in feeding your ladies natural as well check out Youtube @FutureCannabisProject, the talk alot about sustainable farming and KNF/ Korean Natural Farming. Using worms and such.

I am more Jadam right now but in my outside garden is where I'm trying to apply the KNF. Thanks for the information. Hope we help any that are looking.

Future cannabis discord:

Yeah buddy. But in my opinion Jadam is a much more fun and in some ways more effective way to apply inputs. Especially the Jadam microbial solution!
Knf is more effective when used as a part of a regenerative agriculture practice and takes time and patience to execute properly. Applying inputs and making them is a delicate process that can upset the soil biology if you are not careful. Chris Trump has started a nutrative class online that will help you effectivly apply said inputs.


Finally someone on the blockchain(s) triggered my ginabot to notify me of some interest happening with natural farming!😁 You may have motivated to make some new posts as I have been chilling with the Beartaria app peeps.

Iron decals I mad an run in my fabric bags.


Thats pretty cool dude! Its important to take pride in your hard work especially when its towards something that supports Mother Earth and sustainability!

You guys are truly scientist! I tried really hard to stay updated with your conversation but failed 🤣

No worries. Different side of the globe I'm sure.


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Cool! I have an issue with my back yard not getting enough sun. It can be done, but once it starts to bud, watch out for bud rot.

Nice you mention bud rot because I haven't heard about it before. Will look into it and keep an eye on the buds when the come. Thank you!

Keep them close to the light.. hopefully they can make it till spring.. then next Christmas you'll be smoking your own...

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I'm moving them from side to side in the balcony at mornings and afternoons to get some direct sun rays everyday. I hope to harvest a little sooner than that haha.. Thank you!!!

Como lo dijeron antes lo mas difícil es comenzar, bendiciones para las nenas que van en crecimiento. He visto su desarrollo y vi como aguantaron el frio es una genética resistente.