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Did you know that in California and every State of the Union, if you go to purchase a firearm, on the application for the background check, there is a question that asks if you use any illegal drugs (including Cannabis).

FFLs (Federal Firearms Licensed dealers) will not sell you any guns if you are using Cannabis for medical or not.

If you applied for and received a Prop 215 card here in California, you are barred from purchasing guns or in some circles they are even saying that you should even posses guns if you use Cannabis no matter what; this is all based on the reality that Cannabis is still a Schedule I drug listed with Heroin, Coke, Meth and all the other brain and body killers.

Cannabis Crow Laws

Like Jim Crowe Law that were used to single out one cohort of Americans, now we have Cannabis Crow Laws which attack the very Bill of Rights and is immoral and evil. There is no science that backs up keeping Cannabis as a Schedule I drug, in reality it was bigotry towards the Latino population that the Marihuana Tax Act of 1936 made it a felony to sell Cannabis without a tax stamp, and in 1970 the great and terrible President Nixon started the drug war, and ever since we have see a gross attack on our liberties and freedoms.

Free Peole Don't Ask Permission

America is the most unique Nation on the planet since the invention of the wheel back when Fred and Barney (not the purple dude) used their feet to propel their cars; relax, it is just a little bit of fun, smoke a bowl and come back.

We are free men and women, and anyone who steal your property, your freedom because you choose to use Cannabis (which was absolutely legal before 1936), makes those men and women who enforce these egregious and evil Cannabis Crowe Laws, well...evil.

In Closing

We are not a free people who acquiesce by allowing other men and women to pass laws, steal your property without due process, and cage us without at least giving some semblance of a fight (no need for violence, at least not yet) and demand that your individual liberties be honored and protected.

You and I can only claim out liberty to use Cannabis if you don't seek permission, stop being beta-boys and grow some big brassy ones and stand on your rights because no one else will.

Politifact: https://www.politifact.com/missouri/article/2018/nov/21/will-medical-marijuana-users-missouri-be-able-buy-/

CannaBusiness Law: http://cannabusinesslaw.com/2017/12/cannabis-and-gun-law/

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This is one of the main reasons I didn’t get a medical marijuana card in Hawaii. I didn’t ask permission. I don’t regret it!

Exactly, free folks don't ask, they just do.

No card here, for my meds or my guns! I have a friend in FL that won’t get her medical card because of that, I am like, screw it! I like to take bong hits while cleaning my guns, lol.

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