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RE: Wednesday Walk: Mountains of Andorra

in #wednesdaywalklast year

Such beautiful scenery there must have been such a refreshing hike especially at the start while not so many people where there

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)


Yeah it really was!
Although the hikes we did the following days were even more spectacular.
But I thought they did not count as a "walk" because they were rather long (up to 7 hours :D).

Maybe I will post some of the photos aswell, although I only had a compact camera with me...

For the Wednesday walk there are no rules, you can post anything you like :)

Looking forward to seeing posts on the other walks ;)

Oh OK, I thought it was supposed to be in the range of about 10-30min or something.
(which I already exceeded with this on :D)
Good to know, I will keep that in mind for the next posts!

I think I may say get out for 5 minutes or more, but I don't enforce anything at all, if I was to have a rule it would be Have fun :)

Very good rule! :D

I think so :) Have a great day