Wednesday evening walk across St.Petersburg streets

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the city prepares to celebrate Christmas

On December 1, we have a 8cm snow fallout, and its cold enough for the snow not to melt. So, everything is more or less covered with snow. Municipal authorities decorate the city here and there, preparing for the Christmas celebrations. A lot of Christmas Trees are established in different places, at the important city squares and molls. It always tempting to unholster the camera and take a shot or two.

Yesterday I left my bike at home (due to the snow) and had a small walk with a camera on my way back home, here are some pics.

I provide this for the #wednesdaywalk challenge hold by @tattoodjay.


The parking lot near my office.




Street decoration (a close-up).


A crossroad.

The Christmas Tree installed near the Russian National Library building.


Same location, different angle. View on one of the 'Stalin's skyscrapers'. Moskovsky ave, near the Park Pobedi Tube station.


Note the tree decorations: the toys represent famous soviet cartoons characters: the Piglet, Winnie the Pooh, Yo-Yo's lost tail.


...time to move on.


I am curious to watch at the displays. This is a beauty shop, I am extremely willing to take pics every time I pass by. But most of the times I dont borrow camera, or it is too late... so I almost never take any shots.



Misty display of a coffee shop.


A grocery store.


A green landscape I pass by every evening... every time I pass by and wonder, how it can turn out on the pics? So, eventually, I have fed my curiosity.


And this is a little bonus: I shot this early in the morning, on my way to the office. Thanks to the slender sun, heaven sent me.


all photos are mine. taken with Canon 5D, Sigma 50mm 1.4

location: St.Petersburg, Russia
steemitworldmap: 59.864986 lat 30.321216 long


I like the randomness of the shots, sort of like I'm there wandering around myself. Kinda nice mate, so thanks for sharing.

so-so. no great masterpieces here, hehe... just a casual reportage photos :P

Life can't always be full of masterpieces. We all have, and need a little average in our lives. I think your photos are fine, and certainly do what they're intended to do - Transport the observer to Piter for a moment. 😊

sure thing. it is named 'the law of 80% efforts', if I am not mistaken..
and what about your plans for Piter?

We're undecided at the moment. We are not sure what amount of time we'll have available and ultimately that's what's going to dictate to us on where we go. I've just booked a trip for March and will probably start getting more active about the EU trip after Christmas. We still have RU (Piter) on the hit list though.

wish you a happy and efficient logistics, than.

Thanks...I'm sure we'll come to the right decision.

Beautiful wintery shots of your city :) Thanks for taking us along on the walk. @tipu curate

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grand merci.

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Lovely winter evening shots I lthink Ve this time of year with the trees and decorations

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

my pleasure! as always. I hope next time to share some graffiti stuff :P

Cheers and look forward to seeing the graffitti

Thanks for share your Wednesday memories

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The joy of the festive season! La lal la la...


( and the !BEER ))))

Hey @joelai, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

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Dear friend where would we be without lights, the city looks gorgeous, and the beauty parlour did you take the picture as the man behind the window hahahahaha love ST Petersburg from your photos

блин...забыл уже когда в город выбирался...видимо пора))

Don't you like the wintery night atmosphere, when the cold air surrounds you but you are warm in your clothes, strolling and observing in the lighted shop windows what's going on inside the warm places, and taking photos of this mundane but so interesting piece of life that flows ...? That's what did your wednesday walk inspired to me 😊 ! That was cool ^_^ rt01lr.png

it inspired you? niiiiceeeee! where are the results, I want to look.

ps. winter is not my fave season (cause I am cold-blooded) and probably never feel my dress is warm enough! but for some short periods of time -- sometimes I can feel the winter is also good -- mostly it is daytime, when the snow is fluffy, but not wet.

Ooh I'm sorry if I had not the right words to express my self ;-) When I wrote "inspired" I meant your post made me feel all what I have written in my comment : that means all the enjoyable pleasures of the wintery city stroll at night 😉

very beautiful...