graffity & waste exploration (a little wednesday walk in the yards)

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So, the title says it all. This is the post to go with @tattoodjay's #wednesdaywalk fun. Location: St.Petersburg, Russia... somewhere in the southern part of the city. It was just a little walk accompanying my daughter on the way to school in the morning; we were not late and there was time to click the shutter here and there. Images taken with Canon 5D and Sigma 50mm 1.4.

There was a cluster of graffity in one of the yards, ofc I did the pics, having in mind some of my friends like watching this stuff. The cover image is basically the 'Dope Idiots' lettering -- is it something anti-drugs?.. idk. But I definitely support the 'idiots' part.



Looks almost like an abstractionist art! / Почти беспредметная живопись получается.

A waste hidden in the yard -- seemed picturesque to me. Who knows, maybe one day I will a need a photo of one? You never know it beforehand, right?

Doors are among my favourite subjects to shoot. It have been a while that I didnt add anything intresting to my dedicated folder.

Noticed this pile at the window -- more books than some persons read per year... and judging by the paperbacks, its not necessarily a 'fiction'.


This was shot at another yard's waste (believe me, I wasnt inspecting all the local waste locations! its just the usual route goes this way). And as I noticed this piece I simply could not pass by without taking a pic: 'Shulz' was my 1st bicycle when I became adult... My wife and I (suddenly) were infected with this idea and bought two foldable ones, her was green and mine was orange. It happened back in 2008. Nostalgia... There is a small bicycle store in this yard, and I always notice they are putting away used packages of bicycles, as they assemble them for sale.

This 50-mm lens provide convincing look even to a very plain and ordinary stuff. Like this.

And finally, almost at my door, I stumble upon an opportunity to make a selfie -- someone put out a vintage mirror; challenge accepted!


Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoyed my little photo-impressions today!

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What a cool selection of shots you got on this walk

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

my pleasure -- and thanks to you

(dark guinnes) !BEER

And thanks for the !BEER

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Hey @tattoodjay, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

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These are great! I think photography is just magic because you can make such ordinary things look amazing.

I cannot but totally agree with you :=)
and light is the key.
thanks for the good words, happy you like some of these.

You cut quite the figure @qwerrie ha ha

do you mean that I fit its proportions well?.. yes I am a slender type :)

That "Curvaceous" posture caught my attention ha ha ha

Great urban shots !!!

I am pleased to have compliments
here is a place for some !DERANGED !BEER tokens
always intrested to hear critics
and what did you consider better/worse. TNKS!

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Отличная прогулка! Фотографии - супер. Поддерживаем. 🙂 Ваш Ru Trail.

пасибки :=) !BEER

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thanks! 🙂

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