Sembawang Hot Spring Park

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#WednesdayWalk is a challenge started by @tattoodjay, The idea is to get out for a short walk, and get some shots of what you can see within a short distance of your home office or wherever you start.



There is a hot spring nestled in a quiet corner of Singapore. The Sembawang Hot Spring Park, was officially opened on the fourth of January this year. It is the only natural hot spring in Singapore.

Although I have heard of it often enough, I didn’t realized that it has been around since 1909. However, it was only known as the Sembawang Hot Spring then. Last year, the authorities decided to develop the place into a 1.1 hectre park. Subsequently, they named it the Sembawang Hot Spring Park.

What is a hot spring and how does a hot spring comes about? A hot spring is a spring produced by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater that rises from the Earth’s crust. The resulting high pressure causes the water to seep upwards through cracks, forcing itself out of the ground as a spring.

Some people believe that Natural spring waters have health benefits, especially for skin conditions, as well as aliments like rheumatism and arthritis. Local rheumatologists conceded that hydrotherapy is an accepted treatment that can be helpful for mild forms of rheumatism or muscle strain, but they, along with dermatologists, remain skeptical of claims about the alternative healing of the natural spring water.


I only learned of the history of the spring when I visited the park, and saw the sign board. Click on the picture for the full history.

The hot spring should gain more popularity after the development. Visitors can now enjoy the park as well as the hot spring. The rustic charm of the park will attract the rural and suburban families to discover and explore.

Apparently, during its peak, up to 300 people visited the hot spring daily. I suspect the reason the figure is not higher was because the spring was not easily accessible. There was no direct public transport to take visitors there – still isn’t. Visitors had to walk about ten minutes from the nearest bus stop. There is also no car park for cars, due, most likely, to the lack of space.

The well can be seen locked inside a red-brick enclosure with a steel gate.


This is the main water collection area. There are wooden tubs provided at the spring. Visitors can use them to collect water and proceed to any of the shelters, or anywhere in the park for that matter, to dip their feet in the water for some hydrotherapy. Some visitors brought their own containers, and wash cloth.


Some visitors brought eggs and containers and proceed to cook the eggs with the spring water. Apparently, it takes about thirty minutes to cook hard boiled eggs – that is, leaving the eggs in the container under the running tap for thirty minutes. For soft boiled eggs, it takes about fifteen to twenty minutes.


This is the foot bath area. Visitors can scoop the hot water from here, or sit comfortably on the benches and dip their feet in the water.



Besides the hot spring, the other attractions of the Sembawang Hot Spring Park are :- it’s rustic charm, the fruit orchard, the flowers and plants. Since the park is very new, most of the plants are recently planted. Some of them looked like they have not settled into the new environment.

The flowering plants of yesteryear.

The edible kampung plants

The fruit orchards



Before the development, visitors brought their own chairs, pails and tubs. Some of them donated them to the park after using them. There was a makeshift shed, and a caretaker was employed to take care of the place to maintain its overall cleanliness, but there was no toilet on location.

With the redevelopment, there is now a small cafeteria, and also toilet facilities. The park is open between 7 am and 7 pm daily, free-of-charge. According to the caretaker, the best time to go there, if you want to avoid the crowd, is midday on a weekday.


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I have always wanted to try a hot spring but am also worried if the water would be too hot for me to handle. Thank you so much for bringing us in your walk. The park does look busy there isn't it? And it is cool that there is an orchard there too. Kids can learn the different plants and the way they look.

Hi @marblely Thank you for joining me on my walk. 😊 At the spring in the post, wooden tubs are provided. You can fill it with water and wait for the water to reach a comfortable temperature before you dip your feet in it.
Yes, a good place for children to learn about the many plants, fruit trees and flowers. !trdo

Ah wooden tubs is a good idea. Something worth trying for sure if I ever go there.
Happy week to you! :)

🙏 Thank you. You have a great week ahead too. 😊

It's good to see that there were some facilities built around this place as it would be a pity to leave it as it is. You are lucky to have a hot spring so close to your home.

We have many hot springs in my home country but I always had to travel for a few hours to get to them, so that I was not there that often at the end.

Thank you for sharing and have a good day!

Thank you @delishtreats for taking time to comment. !trdo
A good day to you too.

hi dear @quotes-haven, it's great that this walk has brought you to know something that you didn't even know !! beautiful post, thanks for bringing us with your photos in this place so original! and congratulations on your curie vote

Thank you @road2horizon for your kind comments and for joining me in my walk. !trdo

It is excellent this initiative to tell what you do in a long walk, it is very good to share our days with friends. This place is impressive, I really liked the hot water fountain, it is ideal to relax our feet and mind, it is a wonderful feeling, but what impressed me the most was the fact that the cooking of the eggs is really impressive. Thank you for showing me a part of your city that is so charming and that I really didn't even know existed. Congratulations on your curie vote.


Thank you @nathyortiz for your kind comments. I am glad that you like the post. People believe that the eggs cooked by the hot spring is good for the body. 😊 !trdo

Hi @quotes-haven. This post seems very beautiful to me. The photographs are very beautiful and the accompanying descriptions and explanations are very sincere. I loved the place!

Thank you @marcybetancourt for taking a look. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the post and the place. 😊 !trdo

I have never been to hot springs, as far as I know in my country (Venezuela), there are 5 sources conditioned for curative and recreational use.
Being rich in minerals such as magnesium should be anti-inflammatory.
Congratulations on a Curie vote!

Thank you @mariita52 for taking a look and taking time to comment. The Curie vote was a pleasant surprise. 😊


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Thank you for the walk. 💕

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Thank you for taking a look, and joining me on my walk. 😊

@quotes-haven You are welcome. ❤️

haha just read some funny news today

Thank you for taking a look. Yes, I saw the news too. 😊

funny news? !COFFEEA

Thanks for the coffeea. 😊

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Howdy sir Vincent! hey that place looks interesting but I don't know why people bring eggs to cook there? What does that do? A hecter must be quite a few acres because it looks like a dang jungle.

People believe natural spring water is good for health. So, if they use the water to cook the eggs, the eggs will be doubly healthy and nutritious. Weather there is any truth in it or not, who knows. Whatever you believe in, whatever floats your boat right? 😊

uh...whatever floats your boat? That sounds like it could be dangerous, I'll have to think about that one. lol.