Parkview Square

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#WednesdayWalk is a challenge started by @tattoodjay, The idea is to get out for a short walk, and get some shots of what you can see within a short distance of your home office or wherever you start.



Parkview Square is supposedly one of the most expensive office buildings in Singapore. It is a commercial property, primarily used for Commercial/Office rental and sale. It is near to eateries, and within walking distances of malls, shops and supermarkets.

The building was completed in 2002, designed in the classic Art Deco style, inspired by New York’s 1929 Hani Building. The exterior surface of the building is clad in brown granite, bronze, lacquer and glass. (Art Deco, sometimes referred to as Deco, is a style of visual arts, architecture and design that first appeared in France just before World War I.)

Locally, the building is often referred to as the ‘Gotham building’, due to its Art Deco architectural style that resembles the fictional Gotham City from the Batman series.

Parkview Square houses a few Consulates and on the third floor, there is the Parkview museum where international contemporary art exhibitions are presented every year.

On the rooftop is an sculpture of a man carrying what looked like a disc. I don’t think it will be beaming the bat signal anytime soon.

The lobby features a 15m-high ceiling with hand-crafted details.




Sculptures in the foyer.


The bar in the lobby of the building has a unique 3-storey gin tower housing over a thousand gins. It must be quite a job locating the gin, bringing it down, and then putting it back – unless they are just for show. In which case who would know what is up there. Anyway…


Described as imposing and monumental, the open plaza of Parkview Square is surrounded by sculptures and statues. The meaning and significance of them all escapes me, – who some friends called a barbarian, all because arts and culture are not in my genetic makeup. People can be so mean.





I know this one. It is the ‘Dressed Woman’ by Fernando Botero. And how do I know? There was a sign mentioning it.


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WOw that is an impressive building

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk

My pleasure. 😊

I would be a barbarian with you... I would be at a loss if I had to identify sculptures. Do I need to be worrying about you and this virus?

Hi Melinda. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I think I am quite safe. I don't go out very often, and I am quite healthy. So, unless someone infected with the virus cough, or sneeze right into me, or unless I am in close proximity with someone infected for a long time, the chances of me catching the virus is quite slim. At least, that's what I think. Still one just never knows. Touch wood.

I suppose it is still relatively early days at your part of the world. Let's hope they find a vaccine soon.


Very early days here, and I may actually become grateful that I am rather housebound!

I am hopeful that a vaccine will be found quickly. !Trdo

I think they are testing the vaccine now. Hopefully, the vaccine will work.

Thank you for the tokens, Melinda. !trdo

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Holy smokes sir Vincent! This is a fantastic building, I've always been a huge fan of Art Deco architecture though and they did an amazing job on this one with the exterior and interior. I think this is my favorite building in Singapore. Well done, this is actually an educational post for a change, thanks!

And another post that win Jonboy's approval. I am on a roll. 😀

Howdy today sir Vincent! I appreciate the gallant effort you put forth and sometimes you even succeed!

This is fantastically beautiful :D

It is awesome indeed. 😊 !trdo