Wednesday Walk. After the storm

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Today I want to participate in a wonderful Wednesday Walk. It is a challenge hosted by @ tattoodjay

and I want to joy to this initiative.
We often run without noticing that events, people, days, years pass by us ... We are in a hurry to live, while not having time to enjoy what life offers us. And it is so important to stop for a while, look around and see all that is beautiful that surrounds us!

My Wednesday was the first day after the storm.

Hurricane Gloria came to our coast, and hosted here a couple of days. Schools were closed, streets were flooded, residents were advised not to leave home without special need

We sat at home and watched the Facebook tape, which was filled with photos by eyewitnesses of what was happening.

It was very heavy rain, snow fell in many areas. The wind reached a force of 115m per second, and the waves on the beach reached 8m height.

A lot of damage was on the promenades and beaches. Waves flooded nearby streets and scattered furniture at beach cafes.

By Wednesday morning the wind died down, the waves decreased and the streets dried up. In the morning, municipal services cleared the promenades and beaches and in the evening removed the barriers and opened the walkways






Everywhere along the beach were lintels, pieces from chairs and pieces of street containers. And the boats. Many boats stood far from the water and seemed lonely and abandoned.
But the sun came out and the children were already dragging their parents to the beach to play in the sand and build castles.
A couple of days will pass and there will be no memories left of the hurricane. In addition to photos and eyewitness accounts.


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I nice walk but sad to see all that damage :(

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

yes, this year we have a very turbulent sea

We have had a few Big storms hit here over the years always sad to see the damage

yes, and at such moments you understand how powerful nature is and how small and weak ordinary people are against its strength

Oh yes indeed, in a big storm a few years ago some houses were actually washed away

So beautiful there and sad to see Mother Natures fury bear down on your area. I am grateful the damage looks to be less than what I would expect, but, more than needed.

Thank you for sharing your WedensdayWalk with us all.

Have a great night.


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Scary to have a hurricane right in your community! Funny how in just a few days life will be back to normal and the ferocity of Mother Nature will soon be forgotten!
Are you frequently hit with hurricanes?
I like to watch the forces of nature but safely from the comforts of my home!
Thanks for sharing your #Wednesdaywalk!

This time, I also did not leave home, even out of curiosity.
And from my window you can not see much.
We had a strong hurricane in September, then there was a lot of rain and large regions was flooded, entire villages. Then people were drowning in their cars on the road, it was very scary.
Now I don’t leave my house in such weather

Sorry to hear of the devastation from hurricanes in your country! I don't think I would leave my house in that weather either!

Beautiful but wow how strong the storm had to be

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Yes, when the waves of 8 meters and the beaches are deep underwater, you understand what kind of plankton you are in this life :))

it is really sad but beautiful photograph.

Thank you!

Wow, that was a really bad storm! There was a Hurricane Gloria on the Northeast coast of the U.S. back in the 1980's. I'm surprised that they used the same name again. Glad you weren't harmed in the storm, @prostosun.

Probably they all ran out of names and they started to use them again :)))
We were well warned in advance and we were at home these days, very few people were injured

It seems that mother nature is angry all over the world my world my friend.
We had severe damages here due to storm winds last week.
Glad that your storm is over.

It is a good thing that the municipal clears out the debris after a hurricane. Here in some areas they are just simply left to pile up. I hope you share with us again the beach once all cleared up.