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RE: Wednesday Walk: The palace gardens of Fontainebleau

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Such beautiful photos @constantshots. I am intrigued by the lodge in the middle of the lake. What is the purpose of it, do you know? And the flowers, so beautiful! And amazing you caught the photo of the swan dunking its head into the water. Hehe.


Actually I'm not quite sure about the use of this pavillon.
I guess it was used for some intimate hours?

Thanks for your nice comment,
I really appreciate it!

Have a nice day!

Ah that is a good point - to have some intimate hours. I can imagine how lovely it is there to be surrounded by the calmness of water all around.
You deserved the comment :) And thank you! Wishing you a good remainder week!

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Yeah, at least in past days, can't imagine it being intimate now with all the tourists at the waterside xD

Wish you a nice weekend!