Wednesday Walk - my impressions

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Have a nice day, everyone!

I'm sorry, but I was not able to take photos today. I was on a walk the other day. But you know that the format of the Wednesday Walk contest created by @tattoodjay allows this. I will also show what made me smile. 😁 This is for @elizacheng


Kid trying to catch a wave. He jumped up.


Throws stones at sea.


The seashore is a favorite place for lovers of selfies and stories.



This is what I saw while walking.

What a fashionable dog!😉 😁

See you later!

Original photos by @leylar
The photos were taken by OLYMPUS E-M1 Lens M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm 1:2.8 PRO

Thanks for your time!

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Beaing by the water always makes me smile

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

thanks for stopping😀
Have a nice day!