Walking Observing Nature

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Never Ending Enjoyment ~ #treetuesday hosted by @old-guy-photos and #wednesdaywalk hosted by @tattoodjay

Tree heavy laden in flowers at the end of winter making a walk pleasurable offering more than just leaves, another tree flaming in early sunlight with fresh splash of orange leaves greeting Spring a couple of weeks early, almost as if the two seasons are clashing into one.

Object is to see what one can see while out walking, started out with only trees as the topic in mind being a Tuesday, running out of day continued into Wednesday so combining the two into one, quite honestly very hard to split when out enjoying oneself.

This may be a Camelfoot tree, or related - Piliostigma thonnigii

No idea what this tree is, growing across the road catching the early morning light it looks like it is flaming with new leaves appearing, for the rest of the year it is green, losing leaving in the middle of winter.


Last of the trees selected today also fresh flowering blooms, dropping leaves all year round. The flowers turn into black berries the birds will now enjoy during the summer months.

Cape Ash Tree

Two Bulbul birds in discussion as to where to put a nest this Spring, what debates take place up high, perhaps they are looking over at what used to be a valley full of trees, now a mangled mess of tar, concrete and metal jungle.


Black-collared Barbet I captured a couple of photo's of this strikingly handsome bird "sitting on top" without a care in the world.



A walk would never be complete without looking down at what is growing lower down, flowers, always flowers to bring a smile of cheer for Denise @dswigle wild flowers, some pretty flowers grown by people, others around the garden all inclusive of a days walking.




Butterflies are still actively around, finishing off with a walk around the garden, this pretty butterfly sat still for while before going it's own way once again.


Moving higher up the Croton bush in bright sunlight of yesterday, today is overcast and drizzling we are really looking forward to rain.


In parting a reminder all photography is my own, resized for convenience uploading, closing off the day a winter/spring African sky,


Thought for today: A man will show his true colours in adversity. ~ African proverb

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That looks like an amazing walk ! .. you captured so much beauty on your way that I want to have joined you on it ;)

The change to summer comes quickly over here @adalger glad you enjoyed the walk.

Seems to me a good idea to combine the two challenges what beautiful shots that bird is beautiful with the rich red colors on its head

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Days seem to run away of late, enjoy supporting and sharing the small things in life that do count.

Black-collared barbet let's you know when he is around quite a loud voice, then the red is not easy to miss.

Enjoying the small things I think is very important all to many focus on the big materialistic things and miss the pleasure of the small things of beauty all around us

Flowers and birds, best combinations in a walk!

Wild flowers appear to pop up ever changing, birds are seasonal always capturing the imagination as to where they have been @roselifecoach

Such a blessing life, to always connected to nature and its beauty.

I like the pictures and love trees. Just come back from my daily walk through the trees and along by the river. Walking is kind of like a meditation for me...

Being out under the trees you always find tranquil moments to reflect on life. Sadly too many move into homes here and destroy well established trees for fear of snakes, I have never worked the logic out.

Some lovely Spring colors here Lady Joan. Mother nature always opens up her brightest color palette during spring season.

The rain arrived again, gently falling overnight now we enter into the humid season and everything will grow a lot faster Stephen. Have a wonderful day in the Cape between the cold fronts moving through.

So glad that the rain has come Lady Joan and I sincerely hope that you guys get a lot more.
Soon our cold fronts will disappear until next winter.
That is if the weather patterns remain stable.
Of course there's always the feared "Cape Doctor" winds that remain a problem.

We got 2mm, does not sound a lot, helps keep nature ticking over. Still overcast so here is to hoping for a few more drops.

Wind was crazy here two days ago ahead of the cold front making dry conditions worse, how very much we rely on mother nature some days we smile other days we curse....

Human nature Lady Joan, blessings and curses from the same tongue.
Some of us adore the rain and others hate it.
I love the winds but many days over here it drives me inside.
Hope you get much more rain.
Have a good Friday my friend.

I really love that butterfly!

Butterfly moved off and perched so high up it is frustrating to try capture them @joelai glad I was able to get this one.

I'm glad too!

As always, you amaze with the beauty you share with us!

There has to be something to cling onto in this crazy world, small things in nature keep me sane. Thanks for visiting @mariannewest.

I hear you!! It is a crazy world and I need to be in nature to center myself or my mind goes crazy!! So much sadness all around us otherwise.

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What a beautiful show of colors! It seemed so strange to see the new leaves on that one tree with a flaming color - it looks like the color of the leaves when they are about to fall off in the fall here.
Beautiful to see the birds, butterflies and flowers! Thanks for sharing!

We don't get the fall colours they have inland, seeing this in Spring makes for a wonderful change @naturalmedicine thanks for visiting and enjoying.

A very colorful fascinating post full color and beautiful colorful trees that i have never seen before :)

Trees are so varied, each offering it's own unique seasonal blend.

Yep you are right about that they can't all be the same just like us human's 😀

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All the spectacular trees, but I've fallen in love with these that you share us!

Taking a walk to see what is happening now with change in season makes a fun outing @fmbs25

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Lovely Wednesday Walk @joanstewart, from the birds to the trees and the flowers plus that gorgeous sky! How sad that man destroys the natural habitat, will we ever learn?

Dearly hanging onto the last remnants of nature that is still here, yes man will destroy everything, thanks for visiting @lizelle