Shopping Country Village Style

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Escape Away From Busy City Life


Smell The Roses

Walking can be fun or an onerous task it all depends on how you plan, walking is one of the first things we learn at a young age, we take walking too much for granted.

Walking keeps us healthy, it is a cheap mode of transportation, self-reliant where we benefit both mental and physical health.

Make Me Smile - Chocolate Is Good For You

Today I was reflecting on how life has changed, we walked to the railway station a good half hour or more under avenues of trees, pondering what next to do once we arrived.


Vibrant Red Roses

Today most people drive, park at malls hurriedly collect items for the home pantry, our life styles have accelerated to being at a destination, we never appear to enjoy the journey in between. Walking should be about the journey no matter where we live, relieving stress and building up our well-being.



Suburban living offers shopping malls, where hubbub noise is captured, people rush from shop to shop no one appears relaxed at all, piped music holds you hostage, malls all look or feel familiar, none are appealing in my mind, although you are walking I do not think we are in the right frame of mind.

Small Mom & Pop stores are slowly being killed off, no individuality to identify with, so escaping to spend time in a country style village mall is so very much more pleasing.


Be Happy

Unplug from noise pollution allow mental stress to ease when out walking, enjoy a quiet park, beach, take a walk that benefits you.


Take Time To Play

Humans have been walking through the ages as a means to an end, now we walk to encourage better health and lifestyle actually slowing down the mind and shattered nerves from fast paced living.


We have visited this country village style shopping area previously in Piggly Wiggly Country Village Market.

Now taking a closer look a being on a Wednesday Walk @tattoodjay Combo Make Me Smile @elizacheng around the garden, along with some fun little memento photography.


Piggy Watching You Enjoy Yourself


Always Enjoy Being Young

Thought for Today: "A difficult journey will make you daring and harden your will." ~ African Proverb

All photography is my own, simply resized to load easier, research and writing is my own.

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Escape from the big city is one of most effective therapies.
Enjoy it :)

Parks in a city can offer alternative @doze escaping is a better idea.

Love those two chocolate signs they did make me smile as did the pig and piggly wiggly thingy, and your right so often these days people are in such a rush the odd times they walk that they dont slow down and enjoy the sights they can see on the walk. and yes it is such a shame so many Mom and Pop stores are being forcred to close because the big corporations can see everything cheaper, I where possible prefer going to Mom and Pop stores

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Did come home with some chocolates made in the region, very tasty treats from a Mom & Pop store, have a great day.

Thats great enjoy them :)

Love Piggly Wiggly, have not been there for yonks! You're so right, we rush through life in our cars, really need to slow down at times and smell the roses!

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Fortunately my brother loves stopping off to explore places when holidaying together or we would never have visited. Piggly Wiggly is too far inland to do as a day drive from where we live, most enjoyable.

My hubby also loves exploring and does not mind taking long drives even just for the day;) I'm the one who'd rather go somewhere closer! But it's fun to get away even just for a day, haven't had much time for that lately!

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Beautiful yellow flower my friend. i also love to capture flowers in my camera. thanks for share with us.

Flowers always make a gorgeous photograph, thanks for visiting @tussar11

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I love seeing South Africans posting great and valuable content.

Ps. Ek hoop nie Dis so warm by julle soos by ons nie. 😕😕

Good to meet another South African here @technicalside. We have had lots of rain over the past couple of weeks, some sunshine today not too hot, very humid.

Thanks for visiting and kind words.

great chocolate signs, Joan. 😂 We do need to stop and smell the roses and what better way than when on a nice walk. 🏃‍♀️

Scrumptiously delicious chocolate it was too @redheadpei, walking around enjoying scenery and gardens was good fun.

Walking about in nature is indeed a great stress reliever Lady Joan.
One of my great joys have always been walking, but now a bit less due the nerve trapped in my back. Next year the nerve will get sorted and then I will be right back at my favorite pastime of walking!
Blessings and a great post here as usual.

I don't get enough, when I had the two Rhodesian Ridgebacks we definitely frequented the beach and parks more often. Attacks on people, just not worth going to some areas anymore, now you have to plan a little more carefully.

Oh yeah, I hear it's bad down there Lady Joan and not worth putting your life at risk. Two Rhodesian Ridgebacks are surely a great deterrent for any would be robbers. Stay safe my dear friend.

That looks like such a fun place. We have a chain of grocery stores named PigglyWiggly. They are nice enough, but yours is much better!

Country stalls or market areas are much better fun than our normal weekly chore shopping, have a wonderful day @melinda010100

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On route home it was a wonderful stop off to wander around.

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