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Cleopatra Gardens

Luxury indoors, well Let's just say "super comfy", we are not here to show indoor space today but the outdoor charm spent wondering around the garden and close riverCleopatra Mountain Farmhouse


An apt name Cleopatra meaning "glory to the father", a name befitting queens of Egypt, gorgeous, refreshing, gentle perfume wafting through on a breeze between the trees, roses, lemons, lavenders all sharing melody of fragrance, tantalizing, teasing your emotional state of mind.


Arrival takes you straight down a staircase into magnificent gardens laid out with fresh fruit and vegetables, everything shouts country farmhouse. An exclusive private resort that welcomes you to have morning tea, enjoying a visit of nature preserved lovingly by owners and staff equally you are greeted on entering, then disappear for you to ramble around feeling the magic of tranquil setting.


Delicious meals served daily are served, one look at the freshness on offer, growing to please patrons. Climate and soil condition us here is ideal for growing crops, bulbul bird I noticed was doing a self-service in the strawberries, Oh a strawberry or two for the birds to enjoy....




Rounding the corner a board displayed events on the day, with temperatures a forewarning on what clothes/refreshments you may need if going out hiking.


Floral Arrangement in Nature

Frontage of establishment is a man made dam, surrounded by tall trees filled with bird life, these owners can be proud of achieving their dreams in transforming an old farmstead into a tranquil haven.


Tall Irises along the waters edge make a stunning show of deep purple/blue colours the sunbirds enjoyed diving into.Purple normally signifies royalty or wisdom. How wise to plant along a moist edge adding natural beauty to the pathway.

Greek mythology:

Iris was the goddess of the rainbow and a messenger for Zeus and Hera, and many believe that the flower is named after her. She carried messages from heaven to earth on the arc of the rainbow, and was a companion to female souls on the way to heaven. To this day, Greeks plant purple irises on women’s graves so that Iris will guide them to their resting place in heaven.

4914-Siberian iris.jpg
Siberian iris

Morning "tea", well cappuccino coffee and scones enjoyed under the tree was superb! Before exploring more....


Peony bush with flowers, never having seen these I have researched a little, an online friend @sunscape show cased her garden with pink peonies, I hope to confirm this is what I am looking at not being familiar with the flower at all.


Fruit tree flowers making a lovely show in Spring how wonderful to see the blooms being slightly inland to enjoy the soft colour contrasting against dry African grasses in the background, this area is still crying for rain. Hope @dswigle is enjoying a deserved break, enjoying flowers in the North still, missing her cheerful greeting "Never forget flowers".


Birds Gardener Delight

Being able to watch the smaller birds enjoying this little oasis in the harsh African bush was a pleasure to behold.


Little Manico sunbird dancing in the irises enjoying bountiful nectar. (I stand to be corrected on sunbird description.)


With a Common waxbill joining in flitting between the branches.


Needless to say many Southern masked weaver birds enjoying this paradise! Did you notice all their nests hanging from the trees?


Yellow-billed ducks enjoying the dam, quiet piece of water would be a crying shame without a wild duck or two calling this home. A 1st class home at that!

4933-Yellow-billed duck.png

Reflections and Images Enticing Harmony

Soothing your senses, smell influences us in such a strong way, evoking memories, stimulating our brain activity in a positive invigorating way, healing both body and mind.


With busy lives today one needs retreat hideaways infusing balance into an otherwise pandemonium world. Of late life has been topsy-turvy, no more or less than the next person, perhaps more exaggerated as one gets older, takes it's toll on time, being more diligent both on and off-line.


All photography is my own, resized for ease of uploading, used a Canon PowerShot SX730 HS

Thank you for joining me enjoying nature in our part of the world, have a wonderful week, keep walking, keep smiling, life is short enjoy each moment!

Thought for Today: Return to old watering holes for more than water; friends and dreams are there to meet you. ~ African proverb


Host @tattoodjay #wednesdaywalk

Try and get out once a week for a short walk, can be from your office, home or anywhere really and walk for a few blocks or a few minutes looking for things to get shots of.

Your walk does not have to be on a Wednesday I just ask if possible to share your walk photos on a Wednesday.

@melinda010100 #featheredfriday

Share your world of birds.

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Looks like such a lovely place to visit love the gardens
and thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Very old style inside with gorgeous antiques everywhere, gardens are so tranquil, thanks for reading on Friday, ran out of week again!

That happens to me as well sometimes the days just fly by :)

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Beautiful photography

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Thanks @shuvo35

Wow @joanstewart, I am soooo envious! Cleopatra's on my bucket list, are you staying over or passing through? I believe their food is to die for! Absolutely gorgeous scenery beautifully captured by you!

Stunning place for a weekend Lizelle, no we have not had a dinner there, I believe it is out of this world with brilliant chef overseeing everything, perhaps some time soon.

We stay literally around the corner a five minute drive away at the Brackenburg Trout Resort @lizelle

Enjoy! Hope you bring home some trout, one of my favourite fish!

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My brother did fish but caught nothing, dam levels exceptionally low so we sat watching them rise making ripples, left them for next time.

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What a lovely place! 😍😍 love your story too!

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An exquisite place to visit @iamraincrystal

I've never seen a garden layout like that instead of flowers they plant food! Brilliant!

My Dad had his garden in beds like this @roselifecoach, certain parts vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and flower beds as he referred them to. Our garden needless to say was a lot smaller and not on such grand design.

Your dad's must have a huge garden then!

Good food and a great view, what a lovely day you have @joanstewart!

Most definitely a place to enjoy some time @joelai

Love that herb garden! I wish I had the sun in my garden to plant more herb and veg!

I marvel they are not raided by wildlife especially baboons up there, staff must keep an eye on everything @jaynie

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This really looks like a great place!! The coffee and scones looks amazing too, I love the reflections in the water!!

Lovely area in the Berg still relatively untouched no crowds of people coming in this area @rynow

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Wow... looks like a perfect retreat... as long as the Cleopatra reference isn't for snakes or something like that! Tea and scones... they are the best... which reminds me, I should start making those again now that winter is fast approaching!

Sure to be snakes in the Berg don't see them too often @bengy.

Comfort fun food during winter months, scones are always a winner served with fresh strawberry jam, being dairy country fresh cream.... yummy!

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Haha... you inspired me to make scones last weekend!

That looks like a pretty tranquil and relaxing place to be!

Very relaxing with nice hikes on the doorstep if you want to venture out further @wwwiebe

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A fabulous post indeed Lady Joan. Congrats!

Thanks Stephen, did you sort those doctors out? Hope so, have a great weekend.

Luckily I had a CD of the X-Rays lady Joan and the doctor confirmed my observations. Now they are booking me for an MRI scan, as it seems that the numbers 5 and 6 vertebrae is almost bone to bone and the nerves are trapped between the two. It also explains why I get stuck so many times when I bend over. A most excruciating pain when the two vertebrates touch bone to bone.
So, we will see what happens after the MRI.
Hope that you guys also have a good Saturday.

Between spine and teeth we appear to have unusual design as humans, back problems never go away and teeth never grow back!

Hope they find a way around improving you spinal problems, I have two extreme back sufferers in the home, not fun especially in colder weather.

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What a wonderful spot to visit and how fortunate that it is close to you! The tranquility and beauty was just radiating through your photos!
That image you say is a peony is different to what i know as peony here they have softer petals as shown in this image I borrowed off google
Mine are all under snow!

I think I would be visiting that place often if it were close to me! I'm happy that you had some time there to get back some balance in your life soothing your body and mind!

The hunt is still on for flower bush identification not living inland one is never sure. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

A very special place to visit about a two and a half hour drive from the coast where we live. I noticed many areas up North are under snow already and enjoyed some posts with you showing the lovely white powder.

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Beautiful nature! I'd like to visit that place))

Transforming an area into great beauty, the owners can be proud @amalinavia

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Beautiful photos! Not like any farmhouse around here! 😊

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They show the original farmhouse, it was rustic! Now transformed into a beautiful haven

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That's such a beautiful walk and I love all you photos! Have a great day!

Thanks for taking time to enjoy with me @sgbonus

It looks so nice being on the little lake. What a great place for a picnic or lunch.

We always ask permission to enter being private for guests, being out of season we normally pop in for something to enjoy outdoors.

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What a lovely place, I wish I could visit. Your photos are adorable 😍 those reflections wow!!!

So nice to see you again, have missed you of late @starjewel, thanks for visiting and have a wonderful weekend.

What wonderful birds! Thanks for sharing all of them with #featheredfriday! That looks like such an amazing place to be. I would never want to leave!

It is a place one could sit quietly all day watching the birds @melinda010100 thanks for visiting and hosting #featheredfriday

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All these years and I never knew what "Cleopatra" really meant...

In Lak'ech, JaiChai

A pretty, but old fashioned name tied in history @jaichai thanks for visiting.

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Hi Joan, your vacation at the mountain farmhouse is so serene. I would love to stay at such a quaint place and enjoy the surrounding nature.

Love the peace and quiet one finds away from city life Wanda.

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Looks like a nice place to chill ^÷^

Great place to chill with option of good hiking in the area on days when you plan on longer walks @fenngen

Looks like a really nice place to walk around with the coffee and snack, pond, birds and outdoors, wonderful...

Lovely to visit, a little expensive to stay, exquisite gardens and morning getaway.

What a beautiful tour of this lovely place! Thanks so much for including all these great birds for #featheredfriday! It looks like a great place to wander.

Lovely tranquil gardens, great to relax and enjoy. Birds were very active being Spring over here at the moment Melinda.

Oh, I miss Spring! 🙁

Truly a Beautiful Place.

Great place to visit for a morning, we only take tea there and enjoy the gardens.

Ooohhh, a lovely place... Always great to find a lovely garden, and love that you caught some of the birds too!

Some people see the big picture, putting in a dam made the whole front of the old farmhouse super pretty and relaxing @ackhoo thanks for visiting.