Guardatinajas, Estado Guárico, Venezuela...

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Hello Tattoodjay! :)

I want to show my remember walk in Guardatinajas, these photos, this is my participation in the contest, organized by a cute creative photographer the best @tattoodjay, well, greetings from Venezuela. On his farm are always care for animals, Flora and Fauna top Los Llanos in Venezuela is a fantastically biodiverse region, and the variety of wildlife is one of its main attractions. Thank you for watching out for my Earth.

"Guardatinajas, Estado Guárico, Venezuela".







IMG_9946.JPGPhoto by: @javigodfrey.

Category: Photography.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T3i.

Location: Guardatinajas, Estado Guárico, Venezuela.

Happy day!


Ja'vi :)


Being stuck indoors at the moment it was nice to be taken out to and onto a farm with this post :)

From this week I have moved the Wednesday Walk to Hive, I decided its easier to just run it on one platform, so there is no longer nay give aways of Steem

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk

Ok, thank you too! :)
Have a good time, bleesings!