Wednesday Walk around the Longshaw Estate

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I paid a return visit to the Longshaw Estate. I last came here during the summer but fancied a shorter bracing walk to the ponds to see the Mandarin ducks that had arrived. The Mandarin duck was introduced from the Far East. They are quite striking in colour.

The Longshaw Estate is looked after by the National Trust. It has wooded areas, heath land and trails for both walking and cycling.

It was definitely a short walk as I was getting far too cold. Perhaps I'm just getting old and my blood is getting thinner! 😊

#wednesdaywalk is initiated by @tattoodjay.

Photos by @ellenripley - Julie S. All rights reserved.

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Beautiful shots and sensible to not walk to long in the cold I too feel the cold more these days

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

My pleasure!


That is one fancy duck. I have yet to see a mandarin drake in the wild. We just have wood ducks down here and they are super shy.

I think these are supposed to be shy but they didn't hang about when people fed them.

Food does the trick lol. I can't even sneak a good zoom lens shot of the wood ducks here they are super skittish. There is a pettng zoo that has a tame one though, and a mandarin. Just have to get shots of them there.

I think bird photography is improving my patience .... but not a lot. 😊

Yeah that's what it takes. I tried waiting for a heron to catch a fish once, took a good half hour lol.