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Happy Valentine's Day!

I had a great "ME" time during my lunch time... Ya... You hear me correctly... I am alone enjoying my lunch...

Since I had to go to the bank slightly further away from my office, I decided to walk around and hunt for lunch as well.

The bank...

Alley beside the bank

Watch my steps


After walking around, I decided to go into this cafe...


Front of the cafe


Nice environment... Nice songs selection too...






Yummy in my tummy... I chose the cheesy deep fried soft shell crab burger with fries and salad...




Because today is weekday, they have weekday set lunch... I got a soup and dessert to go with my burger... I love the soup... Pumpkin soup... The dessert, was a bit too dry...




An awesome treat I treated myself for this beautiful loving Valentine's Day...



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@garygeo1 garygeo1 迎着沙尘暴 骑着飞毯 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~




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Happy Valentines day and what a nice walk although one better watch there step with the ground like that, Looks like a nice cafe

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

I stopped to take photos of the ground. Really need to watch my steps...

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  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Its Saturday here!!! for Saturn sake! 🤣

Wow! LOL. It is Friday Morning here, the kiddos are still sleeping! I love the time differences on steem, but get annoyed that I am always "behind"

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Here in the future its an ok weather and later will start a new brew! Kids (half of them) went to the harbour jumping into the sea.

I should start thinking about what to do for lunch 🥙🧐

It's almost 10am here now... lunch is still another two hours away...

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4 pm =) relaxing and reading the news.

You should be fast asleep now... Have a great night... Sweet dreams...

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I guess now it's your Friday night... it's Saturday morning here now... 😊

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Thank you for your support. Here's a !shop as token of appreciation.

Thanks for sharing! It sure did make ME smile.

The "burger" though, how come the bread is so dark. Or maybe I should be asking, why is the bread on MY burgers so light??

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It's charcoal bun

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Really? Now I want to know everything about them. Lol.

Thanks again for sharing.

Eliza, that meal was something else and you got a lot for your money! Wow!

I saw those delicious steak cut French fries and got excited. Then I read crab burger👍 Seafood lover here. Yummy! Healthy bread, salad, & soup too. By the time you got to dessert it didn't matter if it was dry - you probably were full.

So did you ever go up the spiral staircase?
The kid in me would have to venture up to take a peek! Ha ha.

My entry for the week is here:

Happy Valentine's Day! @elizacheng

Ya... You are right... Actually when I was halfway eating my burger I was already full... 😀 The portion is a bit too big for me alone...
I didn't go up the spiral staircase... If I was not going back to office, I would have gone up...

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拍拍手👏 👏


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Looks delicious indeed, give you a clap here @elizacheng

The portion is a bit too big for me alone...

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