Wildwood Bay and Canals

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Wildwood, New Jersey is a barrier island. West Wildwood is actually its own smaller island, but is considered a part of Wildwood Island (if that makes sense). These photos were taken from both islands in the same vicinity.

During the summer months, Wildwood is like a packed city. There are very few people down there in the winter. Most businesses on the island are closed for the season. As cold and windy as it was when I took these photos, I can certainly see why most people want to live inland. Most boats are in storage for the season.

IMG_1446 2.JPG
The shore of the bay. You can mix in broken shells to your compost pile for extra nutrients. Seaweed is actually my favorite vegetable, but I don't think that's the edible kind. I have to scrub that off mussels every time I forage them.

IMG_1351 2.JPG

IMG_1364 2.JPG
That tiny lot is easily worth half a million dollars.

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I finally have enough bird photos for a post. Check it out this Friday!

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Much of the West side of the island is marsh land.

IMG_1442 2.JPG

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So, Hive is still above twenty cents. I knew it would go up. I'm here as a long term investor. I'm finally financially stable enough again to buy some here and here. I have no interest in holding Bitcoin or any other coin. I just like Hive and the tribe tokens.

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Waoooo. Amazing pictures. Nice Photography. Have these pics been taken with camera or mobile camera

Thanks! All photos were taken with my Canon Rebel t6.

Nice. Very nice