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RE: Wednesday Walk: Mountains of Andorra

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I've never been to Andorra but I've already heard so much about it. Not as much about nature as about shopping though :D However I prefer nature so you got me with your post!

Lovely photos of beautiful landscape. Those lakes look so peaceful. Did you go for a swim? Or is water too cold?

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!


Yes, I feel the country has indeed two faces. The citys are so crowded and stressful.
Everybody wants to get the best deal, it's almost like you could feel the greedy consumersim of the people and also get infected by it yourself...
Maybe I have a bit of an exaggerated view onto this because I've stayed in nature for most of the last half year and never been fond of big crowds of people.
In the mountains I felt much more free, independent and at peace.

Did you go for a swim?

Unfortunately the water was really cold and we didn't had a towel with us.

Thanks for your nice comment and sharing your thoughts, I'm happy that you liked the post and photos! :)
Have a nice day aswell!