Nerd By Northwest #152 – “Speed Bumps”

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Long car trips, short tempers...

Nerd By Northwest #152 – “Speed Bumps”
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On one road trip in Alaska I had the weirdest thing happen; my car hit three rabbits in the space of about five minutes. I don't know what the heck was going on, but the little buggers just kept running out into the road in front of me. No matter which way I tried to swerve, all three met their maker... shortly after meeting the the tires of a Ford Explorer, that is. It was like I stumbled on some rabbit suicide cult.

Thankfully, unlike in the comic I was alone... had my girlfriend at the time been in the car the conversation would have gone much like this (to be fair with her it would've been less a measure of her temper and more a measure of her unconditional love of animals 😏).

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Perhaps a cross bread with lemmings?

My money is still on 'rabbit suicide cult'. I guess they mistook my white Ford Explorer for the extraterrestrial spacecraft that was supposed to take them to heaven. 👽

I like how you base these on real experiences. You have lived an interesting life. It's bizarre that you ran over so many rabbits like that. I see a few around our country roads, but they seem happy to stay to the sides. I did hit a badger a while back and that made a mess of my car. I didn't even see it, but I found some hair. We also get pheasants who have zero road sense.

I've had bad luck with wildlife on the road. In addition to those three rabbits, I've hit two small birds (actually they flew into the side of the car), a deer, a moose, and some kind of hawk or falcon that hit my bumper so hard it stuck to the bumper and license plate like some macabre hood ornament...


I've had near misses with some small deer. A moose would be really scary, We just don't have much large wildlife. Funnily enough my badger incident was in a Hyundai. Did that bird make the dents?

A guy I knew hit a pheasant once and decided to take it home for dinner. Some way down the road it woke up...

Haha no... the dents on the hood were from the moose. And if the picture showed the passenger side, you'd see the dents from the deer.

Say what you will about those old Hyundais, but while mine lacked in power it made up for being able to take punishment like a champ and keep on runnin'...

You might want to look up the Book of Bunny Suicides...

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