Nerd By Northwest #148 – “The 5-Second Boss Fight”

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The party struggles with their brand name...

Nerd By Northwest #148 – “The 5-Second Boss Fight”
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The gaming group I'm in never came up with a name for our adventuring company either. Seeing as we firebombed half the monastery and much of the level beneath it, "Band of the Burning Bottle" is fitting. Well that, and because it's too clunky to fit in the phrase "Pretend to Show Mercy To Our Prisoners and Then Backstab Them and Hide the Corpses When Our Paladin Isn't Around" (looking right at you, Chad)... 😏

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Names are hard. We've had great difficulty in coming up with band names. They can be anything, but you want them to be memorable and Googleable.

In D&D (particularly the Forgotten Realms campaign setting), the better adventuring party names are based on a signature weapon of theirs or unique calling card ("Company of the Bright Spear" and what not). Names can be hard, but after the events portrayed here our adventuring party name pretty much wrote itself!

Haha, I always enjoy being the rogue that constantly goes around stealing stuff for no reason other than to just do it. I would definitely be the first one to throw the bottle at the building as well.

There's a reason the rest of the party has their sphincters clench when their rogue goes off on his/her own to "scout out the place"... they suspect they're being cheated out of a fair share of any treasure the rogue finds, but have a hard time proving it. One reason why you usually don't want the rogue to be the one carrying bags of holding... 😉

In one of my groups we needed a code word for our secret hideout so that we could talk about it openly. And we needed it fast. Well, our "yellow suitcase" has to be pretty big since we told a NPC that we had our weapons cache there (including two ballistas)...

Ballistas? And I thought OUR party went overboard... 😉

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The last group I played in called ourselves the "Fuckwits of Misadventure."