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RE: The Incredible Ice Houses Of Lake Erie

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I grew up 15 miles south of Lake Erie in Waterford, PA, an hour or so from Hamburg NY.

But there were no Cheetahs....... dammit..!!


Howdy today sir krazzytrukker! Very interesting. I suppose you're a Steelers fan?

Baltimore Colts / Chicago Bears...... But never the Squeelers or Cleveland clowns. Green Bay Packers till I quit the NFL.

Cleveland Clowns! lol. I agree, they've been clowns for something like 50 years. Love Green Bay. Are you in a secret location or is there a reason you won't say where you are?

Ooops..... I thought it, just never tapped my fingers on the keys.

Well.... Here....

See for yourself where I am. It also says my location under the Warning..!! Boredom Alert..!!

lol...I thought the video wasn't playing for awhile but it was. lol. At least there's some action in it kinda. lol.
Dang, Tiger Truckstop has real tigers? That burger looks super good!

Home 2 maro afternoon.....

What in thee Sam Hell was i last week.....?

Liesure Man..... ???


Yes sir, Leisure Man! Do you get to be that when you get home? At least for a little while?

If I want to be..... All in how i feel, physically & mentally.....

Watch the sunrise with KT this morning.....

Well we know about the mental instability so you don't have to try and figure that is paid off now right? So there's a little less pressure?

Hey that's a nice view in that video but the truck seemed to be going a little too straight and steady, we're used to seeing them weave around. lol. You home yet?