The Incredible Ice Houses Of Lake Erie

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

There was an unusual weather situation on a section of Lake Erie a couple days ago that left many homes completely encased in one to two feet of ice!


This happened along the shore at Hamburg, New York. Residents woke up to a dark house because all the windows were covered in a thick, grey, layer of ice.


The local weather service said this hasn't happened since the 1970's and even then it wasn't this bad.


How it happened

Because of the mild temperatures this winter, the lake, which is normally frozen over, was not it's normal sheet of ice.

So when 50 mile per hour winds came in, combined with below-freezing temperatures, the spay from waves hitting the shore was extremely heavy.


And you can see the results.


The residents had to chisel their way out and those who were not at home during the storm had to chisel their way in!


Damages will have to be assessed after the ice melts. The police were keeping curious people away from the homes, photographers were especially interested in taking photos of the unusual ice patterns:


It IS pretty amazing ain't it? With a type of beauty all it's own. I can imagine calling in to your office saying you were "Iced in!"

This is an instagram shot that the Hoaks Bar and Grill put up. This is an outdoor bar. It's surreal and pretty nice looking:


Unfortunately alot of trees were damaged:



I doubt if there was a vehicle that could stay on the road!

A special thanks to @sunlit7 for telling about these crazy ice houses!

Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!

PS- check this out guys. This photographer from the U.S. has been visiting and photographing Cheetahs in South Africa at The Cheetah Experience which is a sanctuary for endangered species that breeds Cheetahs.

After he'd gain some trust he laid down to take a nap under a tree and one of the Cheetahs laid down and snuggled up with him!


He was so surprised by that but the Cheetah, a female named Eden, decided she liked him! Cheetah females are like any females.. very picky, elusive, and hard to get close to. lol.


Now they are very close and she loves hanging out with him.


He works full time in the United States but saves every penny to come to South Africa as often as he can. You can see why.





SWEET pictures! I'm glad to only be able to see them from afar and not be one of the ones whose house is covered!!

lol..I know sir would you like to have to chisel for an hour or two just to get out of your house? Wow. I hope the damages aren't too bad but it looks like some trees got hurt pretty bad.

Yeah the houses "probably" made it out ok...but yeah trees and bushes and the such took a beating!

I agree sir simms50, any bushes would be flattened to the ground with that much ice. And forget moving your car for awhile if it was out on the street. lol.

Howdy Jonboy!
Look at all that global warming! Stop global warming, stop global warming! Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures. I wonder how they get in and out?

Howdy Rainbow Man! lol...I hear ya. I bet many of those residents had to call the fire department to chip away the ice covering their door. Unless the ice blocked their cell service!

The power of the Great Lakes! That is pretty incredible!

Howdy Melinda! Really amazing isn't it? How are you today and did anything happen today? I've been offline most of the time.

....usually all's good in Cheetah land until he shows up one day smelling like another

lol...that's a good one, he better be careful sunlit7! Thanks again for that recommendation of the ice houses. I didn't see how long it took the ice to melt away, maybe it still hasn't!


Howdy sir stovehustler! lol...thanks for commenting, I'm glad you're still here.


Prison? Oh no, you belong on social media!

I saw these houses the other day and couldn't believe it! Can you imagine having this ice cover your house, crazy @janton!!! I love these and beautiful creatures. Lovely post today, blessings to you! :)

Howdy birdsinparadise! I couldn't believe those houses either, this is like a once in a century occurrence I think.
Yes, those Cheetahs are such gorgeous creatures oh my gosh. I can totally understand why that guy loves them! Poachers should be shot.

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Howdy esteemapp and thank you for the upvote and the great platform!

Those pictures of the ice houses looked absolutely gorgeous - out of this world. Very nice indeed.

Lovely to see man and cheetah trusting each other.

Howdy today sir Vincent! I'm so glad you liked the ice house photos, I thought they were amazing too. Although I wouldn't be taking one of those icicles and sucking on them like it was a popsicle like we used to do when we were kids!

Yes, two different species can indeed get along and be best friends. Tron and Steemit could do the same thing!

Hi janton, you are a brave man describing characteristics of females with your great tongue in cheek humour. I love it. one else commented on that angiemitchell, maybe no one else caught it! lol. I'm glad you liked it and of course it was completely teasing.

I know

Hi Cowboy. I saw those ice covered houses on the news and couldn’t believe it.

Love the story of the cheetah. 😊

Yes that story was unbelievable! That story of the Cheetahs makes me want one but I guess you can't have them as pets dog gonnit. lol.

I grew up 15 miles south of Lake Erie in Waterford, PA, an hour or so from Hamburg NY.

But there were no Cheetahs....... dammit..!!

Howdy today sir krazzytrukker! Very interesting. I suppose you're a Steelers fan?

Baltimore Colts / Chicago Bears...... But never the Squeelers or Cleveland clowns. Green Bay Packers till I quit the NFL.

Cleveland Clowns! lol. I agree, they've been clowns for something like 50 years. Love Green Bay. Are you in a secret location or is there a reason you won't say where you are?

Ooops..... I thought it, just never tapped my fingers on the keys.

Well.... Here....

See for yourself where I am. It also says my location under the Warning..!! Boredom Alert..!!

lol...I thought the video wasn't playing for awhile but it was. lol. At least there's some action in it kinda. lol.
Dang, Tiger Truckstop has real tigers? That burger looks super good!

Home 2 maro afternoon.....

What in thee Sam Hell was i last week.....?

Liesure Man..... ???


Yes sir, Leisure Man! Do you get to be that when you get home? At least for a little while?

If I want to be..... All in how i feel, physically & mentally.....

Watch the sunrise with KT this morning.....

Well we know about the mental instability so you don't have to try and figure that is paid off now right? So there's a little less pressure?

Hey that's a nice view in that video but the truck seemed to be going a little too straight and steady, we're used to seeing them weave around. lol. You home yet?


That doesn't even look real... amazing! I lived in an icy area once in my life and one time in an effort to expedite the defrost on the back window of my hatchback I busted a hole in the window. That was a $300 mistake :(

lol...not to laugh at your costly accident but I can relate. When the ice is thick the job is a huge hassle especially if it's bitter cold and time is short!

These icy houses remind me of another similar event in Switzerland some years ago, where everything was covered in thick ice that formed bizarre sculptures.
I was just thinking how one could feel waking up blocked in a icy house.

The story about the cheetah is incredible. Cats, small and big are like women LOL.

lol..howdy nelinaoeva! I'm laughing at the statement about women, I was hoping someone would catch that! lol.
Ice can turn into amazing sculptures, but I'm glad it didn't happen to my house. Thanks so much for commenting!

Incredible pictures @janton. Could it be global warming?
Hope you are well 🙏

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Howdy and thank you clitadias! Well last year they had near record cold temperatures so I don't think it is. The ice was caused by super cold temperatures even though the winter has been mild this year.

Good to hear know that janton 😊 have a great weekend 🙏

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You should get a small cheetah as a pet!!

Howdy sir kaminchan! Oh that would be wonderful but I think that is illegal here.

Lucky you! They eat a lot and you’ll be broke just feeding a cheetah!! 😂😂😊

That's a good point sir kaminchan, I imagine they DO eat tons of food! lol. You could feed an army of domestic house cats for what it takes to feed one Cheetah I bet.

An exceptional situation.
But it turned out very beautiful.

Well howdy there apnigrich! I agree and thanks for commenting!

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