Rainy morning, but we are not discouraged and are looking for positive

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Today we were awakened by the sound of rain on the roof. We were covered with rains again. But that didn't upset me at all. First, I planted some grass for the animals and some flowers, and now they have a better chance of germinating. Secondly, the yard looks "washed" and fresh.

The dogs refused to go outside for a long time. Nobody would want to ... But the "call of nature" won. It was funny to watch how they quickly jump out, do their business and run back wet and dissatisfied.


The birds are hiding under the eaves. I am very pleased that last year we have completed the arrangement of all aviaries and houses for birds. Now I am ready for any bad weather and I do not have to go through constant stress.


This weather has one drawback - the dullness in the house. I must say that my house was not built quite correctly. We only discovered this after purchase. The seller went to another country and it turned out to be so difficult to terminate the contract that we resigned ourselves.

Therefore, the first thing I did then - I called the stove-maker and installed a stove in the house. This is a real salvation! I don't need to heat the whole house, only the first floor, which is especially prone to dampness.


But I do not want to say about this, but about the nuts! Did you know that nutshells are a natural chimney cleaner? This is indeed the case. But be careful! Hazelnuts have tremendous heat dissipation, so don't put more than two kilos of them at a time.

So when we found out that the nuts that we collected in the past years are already old and not suitable for squirrels feed, I was not too upset. But we got two bags of excellent natural fuel. By the way, take a look at the video, how beautiful the burning nuts look.


Nose of that bird looks so big

It IS big:)

I like rainy weather while being among trees.

Me too 😊

thank you very much for sharing, have a nice day

positivity is the key