War on Terror at 800,000+ Killed, $6.4 Trillion Cost, US Debt at $23 Trillion

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A new report from the Cost of War Project has the updated numbers on the so-called "war on terror" that spans the modern world since the 9/11 event.


Costs of War co-director Catherine Lutz spoke of the rising costs in human lives and money:

"The numbers continue to accelerate, not only because many wars continue to be waged, but also because wars don't end when soldiers come home."

*"These reports provide a reminder that even if fewer soldiers are dying and the U.S. is spending a little less on the immediate costs of war today, the financial impact is still as bad as, or worse than, it was 10 years ago." *

"We will still be paying the bill for these wars on terror into the 22nd century."

Lutz seems to get the dire economic situation these wars have put us all in as taxpayers who fund this murderous war machine. If $6.4 trillion will take 100 years to pay off, $23 trillion will take nearly 400 years. Yet, flawed monetary policies and spending keeps happening.

Lutz also mentions that all military-related spending makes up 2/3 of the US federal budget, and closing in on 3/4.

"if you count all parts of the federal budget that are military-related—including the nuclear weapons budget, the budget for fuel for military vehicles and aircraft, funds for veteran care—it makes up two-thirds of the federal budget, and it's inching toward three-quarters."

Whatever isn't war-related is second place to the war machine of the American empire.

The US national debt is now at never before seen heights of $23 trillion.

This number was reached without much to say from politicians or the media. It's dead silence on the debt slavery that Americans have been imposed with. Even most people are clueless as to how screwed they and future generations are due to statist policies.

The crazy thing is that a growing debt has become normalized to people, so it doesn't even strike them as something to be concerned about. As if it can just keep going this way. As it it's not an eventual guillotine that will swing down on the American way of life.

It's also shameful that the ignorance is not just condemning ourselves, but it's stealing the future for those to come, shackling future generation into debt slavery.

It's so bad, even the bankster crooks of the Fed are warning Congress to do something:

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell warned lawmakers Wednesday that the ballooning federal debt could hamper Congress’ ability to support the economy in a downturn, urging them to put the budget “on a sustainable path.”

Powell suggested such fiscal aid could be vital after the Fed has cut its benchmark interest rate three times this year, leaving the central bank less room to lower rates further in case of a recession.

And it's not just America. The whole world will be affected by just the US economy crashing from debt of $23 trillion. But the global debt is also at a staggering $188 trillion, which is more than double the global economic output. This is what fractional reserve banking and inventing money has gotten us.

The global financial system is a criminal enterprise, designed to create debt for others to get rich from. $188 trillion is the largest debt bubble in all of human history. Once the US bubble bursts, it will be a house of cards for the whole world and make the 2008 crash look like peanuts.



All this debt is owed to banksters who have committed fraud to own it. Such fraud is not payable. However, it has an impact on our lives, as does The War Against Terror (TWAT), which is extraordinarly harmful in almost every qualitative measure of our lives. I don't think there is any way to reasonably estimate the harm these linked mechanisms do humanity.


Governments: making the world a twat :P

twat and debt real use to the american elites : feeding those kind of infrastructure :

the rest is mostly bullshit, they know since the korean war that China Mainland is an impossible nut to subjugate, enslave rape and reduce to dominion... same with the kikes (no retreat, alayah) and with the ruskies good luck to be a foreigners ruling the kremlin... good luck :) live long and prosper :D..-

I don't disagree. Almost no Americans are 'the elite' of which you speak. I note neither are Chinese, Russians, or anyone else. All people are harmed by these undertakings, which aggrandize only those holding the overwhelming majority of equity in debt. This is a very small number of people, whom are your enemies and mine, and all the rest of us too. Most people either don't know this, or have been indoctrinated from birth not to rock the apple cart. Unless they physically, legally, or otherwise protect the majority equity holders in fraud, they are not necessary to oppose.

Sadly, those so deeply entrained to protect banksters may be necessary to cut through to get to the target.

If $6.4 trillion will take 100 years to pay off, $23 trillion will take nearly 400 years.

Or, if we the people were to gain control over our elected houses and declare we aren't paying as we never authorized nor wanted these wars game over for them. Let them collect it from their stooges who rammed it down our throats, and their profiteering buds in the military industrial monopoly.

Yup, that would be a lot better. Siphon the massive profits and the bank accounts of those companies and their leaders to pay off the debt over decades, since all the money was paid to them.

decoy meanwhile :

Hey Krnel, been a while! Sorry I haven’t been around to read your posts lately, busy at work.

How’s your partner doing with her pregnancy? The baby should be here by now I think but I forget when you told us about it!

Not trying to hijack your post but I just watched this excellent 14 minute video on vaccines I think you would enjoy, haven’t had a chance to catch up on your posts. It’s about how vaccinations under the skin are completely wrong but we should be using oral vaccines (with far less toxic ingredients for sure) because that’s what we were designed to do. Pretty compelling I will be looking into it more!

To the topic in the post: I know a few people that work for the weapons manufacturers and are starting to even question how legitimate this constant ‘war’ business going on and if we really need to be involved in any of it. It’s wearing people down and the media is losing its grip on the narrative thankfully.

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Excellent video.


Thanks for watching it, I really enjoyed it too! Was a compelling argument I haven’t heard before so I’m glad I saw it.

to your buddies in the arm industry, you want war to occupy, enslave and rape china. we say no. we are billion+ and we will win, at all costs.

prepare for america child rapists forcing vaccination americans...

we may have many flaws, but letting ourselves ruled by foreigners will not be, this time, because there is no quality leadership available. Or resaid CCP does an excellent job.

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and they, your elite raping children, speak of us as thugs? or thoughs? you have seen nothing yet.

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Oral vaccines, interesting, I'll see if those can be found.

What I find totally beyond is that while some were trying something in far away foreign lands... others where here :

what's even more unbelievable, is that it was the daughters, sisters, girlfriends, of the same mens on those overseas land...

and what I find totally incompatible with me, is that those men were killing innocents by the millions in those foreign lands, and can't get ghislaine and her buddies down?

so what are they? warriors? fighters? vets? or simply pets of childrapists elite? for me it's the later.

and not because those childrapists have some kind of power, nope, just because they are fucking brain dead, gmo editied and chemically manipulated to become little slaves only good to obey orders.

nurenbering the american intellgience community is one of the last step, otherwise, it's razed by pla...

because we know, at pla/ccp/ entire china including the muppets in hk and taiwan, that child rapists inside isn't an admissible way to prepare war.


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That's a money printing machine, yeah!! Just what is needed when the loot becomes scarce.

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